Festival Of Frights


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Autumn ... It's time for The Festival of Frights ... $ Admission is always Free $ ... But, the price to Exit ... might cost you your life. .

Festival Of Frights

Autumn .. It's that time of year again.
Time for harvest, The gathering of goblins and Fall festivals.
Bobbing for apples as trick or treaters fill the streets.
Autumn ... The memories it brings.
Childhood memories and candy filled dreams.
Time for haunted houses and things that go bump in the night.
Autumn ... Such a beautiful season.
The Season of festivity, Time to reap the benefits of our labor.
As the Autumn Moon rises marking the end of another Summer.
Autumn ... It's time for The Festival of Frights.
$ Admission is always Free $ 
But, the price to Exit ... might cost you your life.

Look!! The Circus is coming to town!!
It only comes but once, every Sixty years.
Screams of laughter and joy abound,
Excited children are chanting cheers.
Tents and carnival rides are erected,
Clowns with balloons and cotton candy treats.
Everyone is hoping they are selected,
To receive a free ticket to the sideshow freaks.
"Come One!!, Come All!!" The barker yells,
"Hurry! The show is about to begin."
The Circus of Lost Souls, A Journey to Hell,
"Come see The Festival Of Frights, within!" 
The crowd gathers in line at the entrance,
Like hallowed lambs being led to slaughter.
All dazed in amazement, lost in a trance,
From the poisons laced in the town's water.
They are seated in the bleachers, one by one,
As they await the beginning of the show.
The lights go dim and the Ringmaster grins,
As the clowns frolic in the green spotlight glow.
The Ringmaster points up to the acrobats,
And the crowd stands and cheers at their feats.
When one of the performers, slip, they all gasp,
As he falls to his death at the Ringmaster's feet.
The clowns gather round his body, grinning from ear to ear,
Licking their lips in anticipation while the crowd trembles in fear.
From behind them they hear a growl, gurgling and deep,
They turn to see, but find they're trapped, legs strapped to the seats.
The sight on stage is frightening, as the clowns rip the man apart,
Tearing his flesh with razor sharp fangs and ripping out his heart.
It is given to the Ringmaster, and he smiles with evil glee.
When the blood spurts out with every bite thru his jagged teeth.
The crowd screams at the sickening sight in panic stricken haste,
Doing everything they can do - trying to escape.
Their cries are quickly stifled by the clowns who stood behind,
Bound and gagged their forced to watch - no option to decline.
The clowns take their cue from the Ringmaster,
and begin their evil chant.
"Lord Pennywise - Lord Pennywise - 
The ruler of all that is evil.
Take these souls as your own -
True master of no equal.
Lord Pennywise - Lord Pennywise -
Rise and claim your feed.
The bounty you deserve is ready to serve -
Come now, join the feast!

The ring explodes in a circle of fire, flames form into a star,
Burning the shape of a pentagram, while the crowd looks on in awe.
The ground vanishes beneath them as they fall into the fiery pit,
As the flames of Hell relinquish while the previous stage is reset.
Readying itself for the next show - making it all shiny and new.
Preparing for the reoccurring feast - giving the master his due.
The Ringmaster smiles as the barker calls out for the next show,
The Circus Of Lost Souls is starting - you know you want to go.
"Come One!!, Come All!!" The barker yells,
"Hurry! The show is about to begin."
The Circus of Lost Souls, A Journey to Hell,
"Come see The Festival Of Frights, within!"




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Ming commented on Festival Of Frights


Dark is my favourite colour of poetry . . . Well done -Ming



Thanks Ming .. Then you stopped by the right page. lol! :) The Dark is my playground and your always welcome to join in the fun. Red Rover - Red Rover - Calling Ming Right Over! lol! :) Thanks Pal! :) Ken

Madelynn commented on Festival Of Frights


Ooooh- creepies! I love your spook stuff- chillerific!!lol, ya kno' I gotta say too- that you touched on something very horrifing for me, the whole circus, clown thing! When I was little I had one of those freaks come and grab me up from the audience, and make me find his stupid red ball(which i still think had some kind of pedefile intention..) Anyways, everytime I pointed to where I thought the damn thing was the lights would start to strobe, and then- when they came on normally, the ball would get bigger, and bigger! So the painted freak ended up with this huge basketball thing in his hand, and told me to squeeze it- (perve)lol, so.. I did- and then the ball squirted water all over me- and evrybody laughed.. at least I hope it was water- yuck! Maybe I should look into therpy,lol! One word- "IT" Anyway, thank you for give'n me the willies Knight! lol- again, awsome writing, that is just so very- you!;) Maddi



Thanks Maddi! :) Damn ... I think I'd be scared of clowns too if that happened to me. I find them creepy - but they've never scared me. Well maybe if I ever ran into one like John Wayne Gacy ... I might admit to being fearful. What a sick bastard he was. Anywho .... Thanks for enjoying my evil twisted tales .. and all your wonderful comments! :) Ken

QueenotheKnight commented on Festival Of Frights


My Love~ A nightmarish festival overseen by clowns of pure evil~ A circus of fright that is sure to delight~ Filling my head with freakish screams~ O Baby, U know what gives me sweet dreams!! ;) I Love U Sir Knight!! ❤ xoxoxo ❤



Babe - I'm so happy you enjoy my evil creations. You are the reason I write - my true inspiration. Come with me my Queen and let me tell you a story - It maybe suspenseful, nightmarish and gory. But, you can rest assurred - no matter how frightful.That I'll keep you safe from harm from the horrors that i might tell. I hope this nightmare finds you, sleeping safe and sound. Because, I won't allow anything to hurt you - especially a stupid clown! :) Sweet Dreams my Queen! I love you! xxxooo

SavVySam commented on Festival Of Frights


Terribly Terrific!!! You have the most incredible imagination! If evil ever needed a new face to drive fear into the heart of man...It would look like the one you chose!!!;( Scary great stuff...this should generate at least a few sleepless nights! Awesome write Ken!



Thanks Mindy! :) For a minute there ..I thought you were going to say the face would look like mine. lol! :) I hope Nicole enjoys it .. she's a tough one to scare. Her fear is clowns .. so I tried to find the scariest pic I could to go along with the poem. Glad to see you agree ... Thanks again! :) Ken

stellar commented on Festival Of Frights


the first part awakens sweet memory of my childhood and filled me with nostalgia....the middle and last part evoke an effect like what I feel when I read Poe...and it feels like watching Charmed...do you watch it knight? Great entertaining poem....^_^ v



Thanks Stellar ... Ya, I tried to lull the reader into a false sense of security .. and then go in for the attack! lol! :) And thanks for the humbling comparison to Poe too! :) I don't watch a lot of TV - but I have seen the show - The witches are babes! :) Aren't they! :) lol! ... Thanks again Pal! :) Ken

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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