Find Me Here


Find Me Here

I struggle trying to breathe with what little faith I have left inside of me

My eyes won’t stay open long enough to catch the thought of eternity

Left broken in silence as you pass judgment and force this negativity

To scar my insides so I might fail to function according to my ability

I’m vulnerable to the persuasion of what the world questions as rational

When will I stop to think things through and take my message national?

It’s time to understand the journey of the soul ready to spark a revolution

Is it really as hard as some might say it is to find a sensible solution?

Will you learn to appreciate life for all it’s worth rather than throw it away?

Let your ungrateful soul be free of the burden it holds onto to each new day

Your given a second chance to make things right so what do you have to lose

Take time to thank God for all of the blessings while so many selfishly abuse

They fail to notice there is anything wrong with the way that they are living

Never coming to their senses on just how much time that they are truly giving 

To put their focus on what really matters most for this is something that I defend

Withstanding the desires of the flesh for a life of integrity that will bring an end

This shame and humility you seem to bear somehow kills a part of you inside

Your faith becomes volatile from the darkness of your soul that you try to hide

After while it soon becomes evident that you do nothing to change who you are

Why have you given up on yourself like nothing matters to slowly run so far?

When will you understand your worth much more than you ever dreamed of?

Don’t lose sight of the hopeful promise God keeps because it’s by His love

That I have found my eternal soul lit on fire, giving meaning to all things

As thoughts of joy flood my heart now burning with a passion as it sings

Brett Fletcher

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am2anangel commented on Find Me Here


I think your words are going a long way in taking your message national. your faith is so strong and unwavering in each piece you write. I would enjoy your writing even more in a larger font. My only complaint of your writing. well done. -Tonya

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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