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    Follow Up Letter to Josh

    Dear Josh,

    I woke up at three o’clock this morning thinking of your situation. I haven’t heard from you or the person who asked me if I’d be willing to contact you and offer my help. It has been almost three weeks and I’ve become quite concerned. When I wrote you the first letter it was in answer to a cry for help. It came from a person who loves you so deeply that she’d gladly change places with you if it were at all possible. When I agreed to offer you my help it wasn’t done lightly it was done with a caring heart and a commitment I made to my God.

    Josh, when I wrote you that first letter I asked you if you’d let me be your friend. I was sincere and I still am, you see I’ve been where you are and I know what it is like to be locked up behind barred doors it’s a cold lonely friendless place. I know you need a friend right now more than you will admit. My offer still holds and Josh I’ll be that friend unconditionally.

    As I explained to you, in the last words I wrote, I was a dyed-in-the-wool alcoholic for ten long years. I got to the point in my life where I wanted to end my life but I didn’t have the courage to pull the trigger. It’s true that some substance abusers have to reach rock bottom before they find the courage to turn their life around. Unfortunately that is too late for most. Your situation doesn’t have to go that far if you’ll accept me as a friend.

    Anyway Josh I’m writing you, this one more time, because you really can use my help. I know the life you are leading is making you miserable because Josh I have been through that misery. The help I am offering comes from my heart that is why I was unable to sleep and got up early to write you this letter.

    I was thinking about your present situation and my thoughts told me I could help you if you’d let me. I sure wouldn’t want to see you fall into the same trap that almost consumed my life. So Josh my doors open, I’m here to help you navigate around the bumps and blockades that hinder your return to a happy life.

    I know you wonder why a perfect stranger would care; I care because your actions have caused everyone else to abandon your needs. You’d be facing this alone if I wasn’t here to be your friend. Substance abuse has taken your life now I want to help you get it back.

    What I want to teach you I learned from the best mind enhance people and programs in the business of rehabilitation… How can you fail with this kind of power and it is all right at your finger tips. Josh if you are ready to change your way of thinking and start living a more productive life and you want to do it my way, which I do believe is the easiest way. Then it's time you get serious.

    I’d like you to ask yourself these three questions. (1) What will Total Sobriety mean to me? (2) Can I make it my goal to change my way of thinking and change all my negative thoughts to positive thoughts? (3) Am I willing to set aside everything else in my life to achieve Total Sobriety? Take a few minutes and let these three questions take over all thought. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, become completely relaxed and let these questions enter your subconscious mind. Now answer these three questions with positive answers and commit them to memory.

     Along with this letter I’m sending you my manuscript, Total Recovery, the book I wrote through divine revelation. I explained its purpose in my first letter. Please take the time (you have plenty time in the Gray Bar Hotel) and read it cover to cover. When you have done this you have taken your first step to total recovery.

    Josh, I let alcohol take complete control of my very existence. I lived in what I now call the Gray World just this side of Death. It took an act of God to turn my life around and give me the courage to return to the Real World. The world where sanity takes over and insanity is sometimes treated.

    I know what it takes to be reborn again and I want to share this knowledge with you because I know you are struggling to find your way back. I’ve made it my goal to help you if you are willing to try to regain a life of total sobriety. That’s really the purpose for this letter and the copy of Total Recovery.

    Since the people seeking my help for alcohol and drug related problems must have a true desire to quit and not only control but get rid of their abusive nature. I offer complete support and a definite pledge to help them cure themselves by using the same methods and techniques that I used for an absolute and total recovery.

    Total Recovery is tailored to individual needs. By learning mind enhancement (changing ones way of thinking) using meditation, repetition, auto suggestion plus other methods I have outlined, drug abusers can learn to control their condition without the fear of relapse and live relatively normal lives.

    Josh, for my own peace of mind I had to write you this letter. I know I said that if I didn’t hear from you it would be the last you’d hear from me, I just couldn’t do that your life is too important.

    Sincerely Your Friend, Big Daddy Cash






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    Lemonade commented on Follow Up Letter to Josh


    I wouldn't mind having a copy of your book myself, but I am afraid of downloads....I guess I'l wait till the book is reissued

    Tempestlady commented on Follow Up Letter to Josh


    Not poetry, but sure meannful. Hope it's read and accepted by the person it's mant to help. Write on.....

    mamasan commented on Follow Up Letter to Josh


    My own feelings are that bdc your intervention was what was needed for Josh (and a poke sent to you from heaven); that leads to Josh's recovery. I like stories with happy endings oh ye king of rhymes with a leprechans bent.



    Sorry Grat Lady of Rhyme this story has a sad ending. LOL, BDC

    Hampton commented on Follow Up Letter to Josh


    One can reach out and offer help but there may be times when the hand of friendship is ignored. Well written.



    Thanks again you are a real true blue friend.

    Bettysrainbow48 commented on Follow Up Letter to Josh


    William it is wonderful that you are able to work with people in jail. Our church does the same thing.Good Job. People like you are needed.

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