Following Me...


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    Following Me...

    Following Me...

    In the darkness, someone watches, lurking forward towards me

    Sneaking through the paths and trails, following my every move

    Where I wander no one knows, in the path that only I can see

    Someone's out there, coming closer, inhabiting the space with me...

    To where I go, it is not known, when you are far from here In the midst of shadowed walkways, footsteps fall in time

    Drawing nearer, watching closely, panic fills my mind Steps come faster, moving further, I hear them from behind...

    From out of the darkness into the light, the brilliance hurts my eyes

    Coming closer, can not hide, the movements are coming about

    Stop them, divert from where you are to go, keep them back away from me

    In echoes their footsteps grow, closer and yet what is it I see?

    Darkness, nothing, a trail left empty.

    Where are the footsteps, the noises behind me

    What caused my terror within

    Nothing, left with nothing at all


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    Applepie commented on Following Me...


    I like the how it seems your telling a story, I love story poems. Creepy, girl I hope you find whatever it was. LOL It's kinf of Edgar Allen Poe'ish, nice poem.

    cdeluhery87 commented on Following Me...


    good style to this one, ur work really has a lot of range eh? had me wanting to read from beginning to end..has the reader really on the edge wondering i think...

    Indigogreen16 commented on Following Me...


    I was caught up in the thrill of this one, the imagery was very sharp. I enjoyed it................................................

    Beagle commented on Following Me...


    Has a scary nerve running thru it - I kept waiting for you to get mugged - well done, because the ending explains it all....

    weatherman commented on Following Me...


    Good this is one I enjoy even more. More flow and completion of though. One I would gladly read over and over.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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