Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf

Always at night, he sought his prey
the blood thirst that came without delay
his body was of man, but he had a secret
the vampire beneath the skin, was the killing culprit

she too ventured out at night for sustenance
her figure fine, with great intelligence
but like him, below the skin a monster hid
vcious and flesh hungry, looking for those that bled

long have both heard of the long lasting war
between their cultures, both werewolf and vampire
vampires, unlike the stories, are living and not dead
werewolfs, unlike legends, do not shift, nor shed

instead they retain a more human form, but hunger for flesh
while vampires desire the blood, of they will perish
while werewolves ate the flesh of humans
the difference, their hands claws, like weapons

one night, on a hunt, one encountered the other
the humans slain, sheep fresh for the slaughter
she crouched there her eyes red, her nails claw like
hunched over the dead her glare was of nails and spikes

he watched her, his eyes on the blood flowing down her lips
his thrist guiding his actions, like an old man with tips
a low growl came forth from her throat
proud of her kills, with a sneer to gloat

dropping the corpse, she stood up slowly
her eyes on his, glaring coldly
standing still as a rock, he watched her move
should he proceed so quickly, blood would ensue

his eyes dancing from body to body
the sanguine color in his eyes, yelling out boldly
both immortals starred on, waiting for the other to move
daring glances, questionable desires, considering the mood

her hunger unsatisfied, her eyes on her enemy
his stratedic gaze assessing her anatomy
clearing his throat, and holding up his hands
a sign todebate truce, to debate demands

she relaxed slightly, uneasy in the calm
her sharpened senses telling her something might be wrong
he gave her his greetings, and a good evening
for him came no answer nor welcome reliving

taking a step, assuring no harm
came the vampire crept, so as not to alarm
the smell of blood, enticing his stare
yet he couldn't help notice she was fair

her eyes upon him, still untrust worthy and blunt
up went her defenses, wary of some stunt
his eyes on her lips, where red velvet dripped
his desire to feed, his instinct slipped

lunging at her, arms open wide
his lips to hers, licking the blood aside
regaining control, he slowly released her
still dazed from what he did to the other immortal creature

surprise and shock shown clearly in her eyes
yet she didnt fear him, nor hate, nor despise
true that vampires are truly handsome creatures
yet her beauty was no match to the male vampire's

her eyes finally opened, defenses all gone
the value of the corpses, no longer belonged
he sat near her, recovering his thoughts
the feel of her lips ran through his mind alot

she stood slowly, and pulled a body over
"want some?" she asked as she bit into the pig like creature
his mind back to the present, he accepted her offer
his fangs to its neck, peircing the juggular

thier eyes locked, both immortals knew
their desire for the other, may one day come true

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cutbanksam commented on Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


I just discovered your poetry tonight. I will be reading more. You have a wonderful and unique style. Good writing.



thanks! enjoy!

ShadowStealer commented on Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


That would make a great idea for a novel, can I steal your idea? Hahahaha!!! Wonderful, I want more like this!!!! ShadowStealer



sure sure :D

WingedWolf commented on Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


hun, have i told you lately that you are amazingly talented? I love your poems, every last one. your words are a gift, i eagerly wait to come.

ApaqRasgirl commented on Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


that was great dear, your imaginary in this was right on track....I stumbled just a bit with the rhymes a couple of the stanzas but it did not hurt it or diminish the effect........great work....thanks for sharing love asha

cheronld commented on Forbidden Love: The Vampire, and the Werewolf


Wow....that was some story..I LOVED LOVED THIS....great visuals and emotions that leapt off the page...I was sitting on the edge of my seat with pure was like watching a movie but reading it instead....this is such a great piece....I am at a loss as to why its not been read....this goes into my favs for sure...more than a 10 you really deserve but its all I can give....Great Poem.....Cher

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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