• Passion


    Deep in th night, a girl is born,
    thousand of miles away.
    From her mother, she is torn
    to live to her last day.
    Deep in the night, a boy is born,
    holding the day as the girl.
    Protecting is his duty sworn.
    The events begin to unfurl.
    She of royalty, and he a servant.
    Together, they grew through the years.
    As they play with innocent intent.
    They realize their greatest fears.
    He's sworn to protect,
    from the evils of hell.
    Nothing more then a blur
    in love with her, he fell.
    Night by day and day by night.
    His deepest secret forever held
    if only he were a knight.
    His deepest secret would be quelled
    known at an early age.
    She found love forbidden
    if only they could engage.
    But love must stay hidden
    he loved her and she loved him.
    Their desires still a secret untold.
    Torture for them remained grim
    The story continues to unfold.
    No more can they stand this pain.
    They call unto each other
    Embracing in the cold rain
    Confessions to the other
    They make love in the moonlight
    True love, finally made true
    Laying together all night
    It was forbidden, they knew
    He a servant, she of royalty
    Forbidden is their heat
    Blinded by their loyalty
    A relationship so discreet
    New terror has shown
    There is a punishment
    For loving the throne
    Death now, not banishment
    Should he be found
    Hunted by the law
    He would be bound
    Beat until he is raw
    Laying together under the sky
    They had been found
    As the took him, she'd begin to cry
    The only sound
    He struggled to be free
    To hold her once more
    They would not let him flee
    To him, she called for
    She was told to turn around
    She said she would not
    She watch as they knocked him down
    On his knees, he was shot
    Tears dotted her nude skin
    As they helped her to her feet
    She looked down with a fake grin
    And they covered him with a sheet
    She reached for their gun
    With a pulled trigger
    She soon would be gone
    She showed her vigor
    She lied next to him
    Her limp body, draining
    In blood, they would swim
    Their juices staining

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    danbi commented on Forbidden


    I think the way this poem trangresses time is a really interesting theme. I'm always interested when I see that happen.

    DirtyLilSecret commented on Forbidden


    That is beautiful.. It is very romeo and julitetteish but in your own way.. You used amazing imagery and you can take me to exactally what you want.. I love it!

    kmooney commented on Forbidden


    Wow, sounds like Romeo and Juliette. I like your poem here. It is different. Tells a story. Is a little autobiographical? Maybe a little? I am not keen on tragic endings myself. Too Shakespearen I guess. But what you've written here is very good. It flows nicely and captures the reader's attention. It's seduction and taboo. I like the imagery, too. You are a good writer Miss PVG. Keep it up. I'll be sure to read some more of your work. K

    DougPrintsmith commented on Forbidden


    Whowwwww.... That is a good one. It tells a story. I like it. I think it move me over a seat with its passion.

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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