Forever a Stranger


  • Confusion

    Forever a Stranger

    Smoking, drinking, partying
    cheap cigarettes and beer
    the smell filled the air
    the room, no longer clear

    Walking, skipping, hopping
    you offered me a drink
    I walked to the counter
    I smiled and winked

    Smiling, laughing, flirting
    together, we left
    trusting only instincts
    to your place we went

    Kissing, hugging, loving
    no longer alone
    in each others arm's we fell
    strangers forever known

    Wanting, exploring, feeling
    your tounge in my mouth
    your body held above mine
    your hands going south

    Playing, rubbing, touching
    pressing hard against me
    I felt your heat
    my hands setting me free

    Unbuttoning, unzipping, undressing
    nude strangers forever
    an aching not understood
    a desire there forever

    Biting, squeezing, pushing
    easily entering into me
    thrusting harder each time
    faster, faster, I plea

    Moaning, groaning. calling
    what is your name
    forever a stranger
    with an unknown name

    Painting, breathing, sweating
    best I've ever had
    laying next to a stranger
    I wanted him bad

    Sleeping, dreaming, stirring
    soon I will leave
    back to my own life
    but until then, let me believe

    Unknown, unhurt, unattached
    let me lay next to the stranger
    forever a stranger, never anymore
    a night with no danger

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    bforibus commented on Forever a Stranger


    this was an absolutely insane poem. i do mean that in a good way. the rhythm was great and the style was unique. great job. its a shame it hasnt been read yet

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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