Forever Inspired


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Dedicated to Teddy. He inspired me to write this.

Forever Inspired

I hold myself inspired by the gifts of the world,
To which I hold as virtues of humanity,
I envision a box lying upright in a dusting plain,
Filled with the blood of mirth and amnesty,
For as a devil rise though seem a menace so sinister,
Indomitable is the spirit of a man in light.

Swords fly as hopes lie raped on a plain of earth,
The gods of will lie in the range of thought,
Though seems it the challenge indomitable,
I feel it within me, I feel it,

Pushing me on through times troubled,
Or in the face of the evils doubled,
Facing the menace of a demonic chance,
Or trapped alone in a vast expanse,

Thought lies raped on a world,
Demonic is the name of the hurled.

Inspiration lies indomitable,
Though seem an eternity we will spend,
On false hopes and dreams never end,
Fallen are those burnt and blackened in fires of Hell,
But darkened sinister are those who fell,
A summoned thought lies inspired in a sea of raging turmoil,
That thought lives on...
Forever Inspired

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Hopesprayer commented on Forever Inspired


This poem is full of dark rage, is something that is difficult to understand but in my mind it's confussing the ideea of a field full of dark's intensity, and these are the views of a mad charcter put in the situation of facing these demonic vissions, there is only one thing left, to see if there's a way of conquer this field.

Tempestlady commented on Forever Inspired


"Swrds, fly as hopes lie raped on a plain of Earth" loved this line. So true rght now in America. False hopes, break hearts deeply. Good write. Work on flow, kind of a tough read.

BridgetBowen commented on Forever Inspired


I really enjoyed this. wonderful!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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