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Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

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Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

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Help with Bleeding for the Cause

Ok lets not frighten readers away,
lets frighten them with imagery.
Lets look at the poems started.
New starter poems, and stories can be added..

First of all
Theme, is the scenario, lets keep the theme on the surface.
Second the purpose of the poem, and that is to entertain,
Keeping the readers attention.

Language; The Heart of the Poem;
the imagery, take your talent, and create a figure, and install
it without, loosing the reader.
I know its a bit hard putting together a fancy stereo cabinet
without the instruction manual, but this is where your skill/talents can shine.
Imagery=Simile, metaphor, and personification.
Fourth is diction, choose words that offer notions.
There are a lot of tools that can be used here.

Structure, is the economy of the poem. Keep the economy the same,
Meaning stanza, keep them effective.
And finally, Rhythm and Rhyme.
Lets look at the themes, and keep them the same.


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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Behind careworn eyes
Tears collect the sudden storm
Of brooding sadness.

(Haiku about the small moments of despair in homelessness)

(more coming, but I need to think, really think, about this subject)


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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

The white robes of repentance delivered one sentence
a decree, some would say, of remembrance.

That there was a time when cleanliness was mine,
though now all I have is God's good glory.

Laughing damaged and dirty, I'm still just a birdie,
waiting to squawk and to fly.

Returning to paradise, my nest, when it's burning,
the embers glow hot with the lie :

Of suffering due process when steps go unchecked
in the name of humanity's life.

Give me nothing but one chance.
My ultimate romance :

To live with respect, freely, then die.

(both poems are untitled. both are only posted on this thread. my name is Martin McGill)

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Alright then we doing this here?


01-15-2010 at 09:55:47 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause



I feel a bohemian rhapsodic,
coming on, its hypnotic, erotic
flow my words, come on, some
metaphysically, gallantly, fall under
the seduction, an erection of the
brilliant kind, I'm flowing
free verse, no rehearse that
other men get on, way up.
Now get down, amigo, oh,
pardon while my brain stares, rare
we are to find, like treasures
poets are.

(first posting of this in any form, wrote 8-28-2001, hidden away and few eyes ever seen, I hope the tribute pays the respect owed to my people, my name is Joe Lemons, and funnier truth in reality, I was born in orange county, california, lol)

01-15-2010 at 10:04:30 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

(ok so no one thinks i went totally soft, lmfao)


Gray paints the sky,
monotone, freelance, shaping
the mind.
Decided, thunder blares, where
clatters through the trees, with
ease the digable words are
heard, computized and realized
nature is the stronger, longer
man denies, wise are not these
guys, science labcoats, wrote
sisterhood to religion, flipping
modes, we kill this dream, our
world shall herald, nature booms
in anger, wager she smiles and
still stranger, beckons us, the bus
to go see her, smite them her
eyes smelter, better are her arms
around, the clowns feel safer, danger
when she rips the smile, denial
in labcoat eyes, they realize, stencil
their end in a scientific chapter.

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

heres a large section of my Evil Poetry for your cause, anything to help!

Fair Maiden's Song

once was a man from hell he rose
bring war upon all man, his foes
from dawn til dusk, he pillaged and killed
taking on soldiers with weapons, all skilled

he wandered into a new land
where no blade met death by his hand
there lay the lady, shrouded in white
his eyes, blistering, at the beautiful sight

she whispered and cooed him, walking at them
the voices of hell, extinguished by sin
she forgave and blessed him for everything they did
he took her, and lived forever, or so it is said

one day many years ago, she died of old age
the armies of hell went into a rage
their leader, the man hell arose
he declared, again, men were his foes

summoning his soldiers, he conquered again
only to be defeated by his enemy; man
slowly dieing, returning to fire haven
his name was satan, declaring his new foe, heaven!

An Old Story

Since the beginning of human time
The power of un-earthly rhyme
Streams of word, chorus inside
Symphony of speach to them I abide

My mind writes these difficult manuvers
Singing it's solo amoung the white papers
Stillness of words and languages of old
Speaking out more powerful and bold

Oath keeper King slayer i can make all
By the stars in the sky, all shall fall
Carefully manuvering from rhyme to fate
The power of word brings mind a new state

Upon these pages, blood will be spilled
White on crimson, a promise upheld
The poet, a thinker, mind a blown
Once no longer shall poem be shown

Laid upon grass under softened soil
Lives the mind of poetic appeal
I have no guardian, I am alone
From mind to nerve, from blood and bone


I see her rarely, so beautiful, so fine
A valued artwork, preserved into time
Her grace, her gentalness, her quickness of pace
Her hair bundled with silk black lace

Her skin so smooth, her eyes so bright
Clearly a remarkable, desireable sight
Her touch so gental, her smile so clear
Losing her is what i fear.

What can you expect when you have found true love?
Why did the raven fall in love with the dove?
Could my life be less miserable but instead
I am blessed with the gift i can never have.

Bent over and broken, my heart shatters
From pain that i suffer, a veteran withered and battered
Wrought from anger and frusteration
Pain will become my domination

She will regret this monster she has made
I shall watch from the shadows and deep shade
When she needs saving, i will show
And kill her attacker form head to toe

Then i shall again confess my sins, show her what she made
With my will, strenth, and my blade
Then i will forge my anger and show her
That she has made a heartless killer.

Once with dignity, once with pride
I smiled upon the love inside
Now with regret, anger, and hate
Her time to repent old love is too late

I have grown tired form the dating game
Blood and murder not love will become my fame
Crawl to me, beg with want and desire.
But, i shall laugh, my love for you, is over.

Dark Oath Romance

I swear to your body and soul
That my love for you will be black as coal
I give you my oath upon life or death
I shall protect you till my last breath

I will stay by you always honest and true
And will and shall forever be there for you
Sleep well, for I will be near
Bringing in darkness, casting out fear

You will be happy every day your alive
This will continue, as long as you servive
Any man that threatens you, there will be hell to pay
I am yours, truely, no matter what you say

In sickness and in good health, I shall be yours, my love
Blessed this demon be from above
I shall remember you always once you have died
And we shall enter hell, side by side


time is like a continous path
giving away, crumbling in wrath
let not your hate and anger fly
or the path will vanish into a new sky

time wears on and on
where you exist is where you belong
none can stop this path, everyday you walk
slowly another step, time is all you stalk

once you have become older
you notice your path becomes shorter
all those years of trailing on a betraying path
you look forward and begin to laugh

memories both bad and good
of what you did and what you could
come in a sudden rush
all the blocks in your way, you pushed

some of the trails leading off your own
are still open and to be shown
some doors have caved in as chance took away
but that is the price we all shall pay

neither i, nor you can walk forever
sometimes you wish, but time doesnt meassure
sometimes a path ends too soon, ending the trip
but time never stops for a slip

enjoy your trip, please abide
try not to faulter, or stop stride
if time decideds to end a line, a path
then surely, we all meet times wrath

The Angel, and the Demon

Appears the firey monster from a banished land
A blood stanied sword rests is its giant hand
In crawls the angel week from heaven
Captured from light, beaten, and enslaven

Crying to the demon for happyness and rejoice
Out comes laughter in its deep voice
"Be gone oh angel whom serves the lord!"
Says the king of the demon horde

Desperatly she crys for forgiveness and repent
Knowing her time is all but spent
Laughing still the demon circles in the fire light
Gleaming his sword shiny and bright

An angel from heaven, an angel form hell
Brought together in one dark dwell
A demon monster with a blood stained sword
A wheeping angel, once caughted and lured

A peaceful grin comes across her face
Lightly she stands keeping the demon's pace
The demon laughs as he notices her move
As if her movement were only to sooth

Smiling with pointed teeth he walks slowly
Telling her her death comes soon oh so cooly
She smiles as she chants the gods prayer
Hopeing to be rid of this foul lair

Laughing still under a shrine of death
The demon draws his sword for her final breath
She looks up hopeingly, seeing death in his eyes
The Lord's words, were only her demise.

The dieing angel falls the the dark earth
Where she will die, and begin to rebirth

Dreaming of Dusk

What is the world, this land of bright?
Why do so many fear the night?
Quietly, softly, gental dark
Cooly, slowly, lights my spark

As the dawn wanes, in darkness fell
The silentness of peace, i feel, i tell
Embrace me, velvet darkness
Bring everlasting upon us

Soothing, Caressing, holding us light
Easingly, Caringly, bringme a new sight
Hear the stillness, the breath of nature
See the mildness, bringing easy weather

Nothing left untouched, by the pool of shadow
The feeling of dusk, so yearning and mellow
Bring the darkness, every night I wane
Only to the silence have I ever sang

In the darkness, I have lived, peaceful and content
Never swayed by light, so easily bent
Quietness in darkness, I shall forever favor
Midnight delusions of moon-light fever.


Fear the man that can chop you in half
Fear the man who carries the axe
Fear the man whom carries the gun
Fear the man who finds these fun

Fear the king with his golden crown
Fear the weapon that can blow you down
Fear the man in the long black trench
Fear the ally with the death stench

Fear the knife, silent weapon
Fear the group, dangerous coven
Fear the children whoms' fathers you killed
Fear the sight of your blood spilled

Fear the sickness, so easilly brought
Fear the assassin, so carefully sought
Fear the might of an amry strong
Fear the chant of a demon's song

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

aaand heres more...

In Crusted in Time

"Watch me daddy, look at what i can do..."
Memories forged upon the life we knew
"One more story," a ritual long preserved
rememberances of love, and punishment un-deserved

"Good night daddy, see you at noon"
One farewell, lost too soon
"Good morning mommy, why do you cry?"
As the dawn crept into the sky

"Gone? when will daddy be back?"
The lies we told, the lifes we lacked
"I'll wait mommy, he'll be home soon"
Waited til dawn, bathed by the moon

Sing this tune to a father lost
"I'll find daddy no matter the cost"
memories forged upon the life we knew
"Watch me daddy, look at what i can do..."

Sanguine streams

Bloody lines cover my eyes
Deep set anger and despise
This lonely cruel world we call our home
Has only been everyone's tomb

You say this pain will pass in time
Why am I pusnished for no crime
In agony I try to repent
Knowing my time is all but spent

Belive in god, and you shall be saved
From these scars so deeply paved?
Trust in the lord, king of heaven!
But im in hell, far to gone to be saven

Earth, my mother, why do you kill me so?
My heart, my life, everything is woe!
I ask the gods, why do I must suffer
This endless nightmare of pain and torture

I can feel my body, weakening from endless pain
Trying to move on and work all in vain
None can see what is wrong or why
Everyone sees my pain is sky high

What is my problem? what causes me pain?
Why is my world making me lame?
I have no answer to the cruelty of life
All I know is im always in strife

Whom will be the first to diagnose my condition
Even if it is an impossible situation
I already know my problem and its solution
Though, is death really the final admition?

Is there an afterlife, one of happyness and love
Or is there nothing after, and you disappear as I should?
Again I ask what have I done my mother?
To have to endure as this endless prisoner?

Fate cant bind me, its already broken
For the words of god have been spoken
To live on, as misery love company
I am this eternal casualty.

The Birth of the Pentagram

Born by the fire in the moon light
Danced the demon's slaves in the deep dark night
Upon the threshold stood their sire
Wife, pregnate preparing to deliver

As the tune and chant echoed in the forgoten waste
She moaned and groaned as she pushed it to her waist
Again with the tune so ear splitting loud
Came the roar of thunder as she pushed into the ground

Upon the desert land made bare and clean
Stood the great man all powerful being
Blessing the child with Hellish plights
Came the blessed baby from her thighs

The rush of blood as the child came bare
An ear splitting scream came as a rush of air
As the slaves danced to the endless tune
The Demon king placed upon it's head a rune

As the star lite sky danced up above
The new born child sang with the creed there of
Dancing to the power of the ancient ways
The master of demons brought forth a blaze

In the center of the flames lay a cradle bare
Upon the edges, again the rune lay there
As the demon's sang to the ancient dance
The coming of dawn was to advance

Taking the child to the den of fire
Returned the powerful demon sire
Upon the ground where the desert was made bare and clean
Now rests the rune, the pentagram, curse to all living..

Fire Flight

shh, be quiet or the plan will be blown
I dont want to do it too soon
I'm waiting for noon, before action
Mentally I'm sound with my decision

so I'm just sitting here as if for pleasure
just relaxing to my own desire
I'm waiting for lunch, when people go out ot eat
I'll just sit here with this bag in this seat

ahh, I hear people coming out
the boss leaving early for lunch? WHATS THAT ABOUT!?
well, I'll just have to make without
one less fat piggy to knock the fuck out

5 minutes ago, he left for food, now everyones coming
I feel the thrill, people laughing, shouting
Guess its time to move, I grab my bag and walk toward the street
NO! no second thoughts about leaving my seat!

Truthfully, I can care less about what happens next
I give you mother fuckers my best!
heres the detonator, one buttion to go!
Then I yell, "All you bitches blow!"

Vampyric War

Standing alone in the arid air
Smiles the loner, and her blood red glare
Singing lightly to a song of old
She steps closer to her target, in the un-earthly cold

Laughing, her foe dares her on
Willing her to attack him, waited oh so long
Glaring she grabs her twisted sword
And points it to this prestigous lord

Smiling calmly, as if to play
He walks closer keeping his smile at bay
Whistling without a care, he halts
So begins the war of faults

Losing this verbal battle she rushes in
Hoping to slay the mocking kin
Dancing out of her reach with grace and ease
He edges on her furious disease

She leaps upward upon the hill he stands
Un-human the way she lands
Swinging her blade but only cutting air
The lord of death draws his blade, noticing her fear

Suddenly cautious, she draws back in defends
Her eyes folowing him, strict and intense
He smiles still mocking and teasing
His victory over her all to appealing

Stepping forward his sword spinning
His lash quick with the metal stunning
She barely moves to his lightning fast trick
Though she feels, she wasn't as quick

Countering his attack with a simple slash
his blade protects him in a flash
Crying out with fury and hate
She leaps high preparing his fate.

He joins her in air, slicing her side
Kicking her to earth, making his time abide
"Age is your weakness for you are young."
Said the vampire lord in their own tongue

She coughs and stands, supporting her with her weapon
Sanguine streaks cover her linen
"I am yet alive, why not kill me?"
He smiles and flashes her into a tree

"You fail to see your one of few; lucky."
Drawing his blade to her side still bloody
"You heal fast, you move fast and strong."
He stabs the sword into her arm.

"Yet, you still defy your one true master."
He smiled knowing he was her maker.
She slashes out with her good arm
Forcing him to fall back for the return

She smiles softly, and charges him
managing only to skim
She dives behind him, he turns to see
She slashes out at her enemy

Fire eurpots from where she stands
making her leap out of the red bands
Laughter fills the air as he rushes out form the flames
Her vision clouded from the smoke and heat haze

He slashes at her, her eyes adjust
Blades colide and lock from the thrust
He trys to push her blade from under her grasp
But ended up with enough time to gasp

Into his head she thrusts a knife
Ending his lordly life
In the seconds that they fought upon this land
Only seconds, did it take for him to turn into sand.

The Birds

I hear those birds singing...
All those damn happy birds
Free to go where they want...
Free to do as they please

How I envy you
My freedom ended long ago
Freedom, it shines through the bars
Through the window

Freedom, I hear it in my ears
feel it pass my hair
Freedom, as black as my heart
As cold as night and dark

Freedom comes with a hard white hand
Shackling my body, tieing me
Freedom comes on a cloudy afternoon
Freedom comes all too soon

Freedom, from the world of pain
Freedom, from a life in hell
Freedom, from my own sorrow
Freedom, from a rope, and one drop

Freedom as he pulls the lever
Freedom as the crowd gasps
Freedom as the rope tightens
Freedom, as the birds fly away.

Disaster: Earth

everyday means nothing to me
time! life! all my enemy
this body, this virus of mother earth
so quickly reproducing, everyday a birth

humans are the viruses of nature
her immune system, un-prepared
everyday we prosper and grow
killing her body - her soul

we nibble away at her health
taking her to OUR prosperity and wealth
we live in her, make her sick
like glue, we forever stick

her anti-bodies kill only a few
while all of us still are strong and true
she wants us dead as we rule her seas
she curses us men with deadly disease

she weakens, her fever sets
shes sick, we are her death
shes dieing, so much is wrong
when she dies, we wont live long

The Graveyard

Beneath the dark and firey sky
Lies a cold and quiet place for thy
Clashing blades once met here
Filling innocents hearts with fear

Blood ran like rivers and streams
Cursing rock and wooden beams
Rolling heads and bleeding hearts
Fueled the fire that sparks and starts

Upon the grass that is dyed red
Lays multiple bodies, now all dead
Cold bones lay bare once in blood
The repaer glares from under his hood

Beneath cold earth is a place for thy
stars twinkle in the dark and firey sky
Sing the song of the dancing dead
And thou shall meet long dead dread!

Demon Oath

With this blade, i shall kill
With this whip, i shall command control
With this dagger, i shall torture
With this mouth, i shall command every soldier

With this hand, i shall silence all
With this foot, all will fall
With this gun, many will dite the dust
With this tail, everything will bust

I swear upon the sword in my claw
That, without question, I shall slaughter all
From the battle feild to the grave
I shall always be your slave

For you are master of the undead
A pile of blood and bones for your bed
I swear to the path of evil
For my lord, the one and only Devil!

Blood Moon

You race out of the house at great speed
As what has happened comes to seed
Collapsing and crying for the night to see
And you remember your treachery

You found him dead when you walked in
And you remember the blood again
A man in all black walks to your side
You push him away and run to hide

They both loved you, and in the end
One of your lovers ended up dead
Swiftly he follows in pursuit
To give you the lovers' dispute

You trip and fall down hard
Your only exit became barred
He asks if you love him, and you say no
Looking at the peaceful moon, you hear blood hit snow.

Heaven or Hell?

Will you go hot or cold?
Will you burn or sit bored?
Will you remain in happy land?
Or stay in desert sand?

Will you drift in the sky?
Or wait in line ready to die?
Will you live by a stream of lava?
Or relax with fresh brewed java?

Sit and rest until you decided.
Which door you will live behind.
Please consider everything in question.
For your choice will determine your position.

So, i guess i should say this in a simple question.
Please hurry to make a decision.
Will you go to heaven, or will you go to hell?
Will you repent, or fair thee well?

Vamperic Eurotica

She calls to me in a voice so sweet
Her skin so smooth, her eyes burning with heat
Softly I call back, in a tone so light
Her features light up in delight

Hearing her master's call, she comes to me
My own voice luring her, forcing her to see
She wraps her arms around me and bites my neck
Slowly my blood runs, as she starts to lick

Bitting her with razor fangs I dont hold back
Drawing out this rich red wine, I begin my snack
Pressing her palm to my wound, her gaze is fixed
Stopping her blood, I look completely enticed

Pressing her ruby red lips to mine, she holds me close
Pressing myself closer I forget all woes
She pulls back, her eyes have a gleaming glint
A shy whisper, of her hidden intent


Cold as ice we sit and watch our prey

We have yet to have our meal for the day

Silently we shift from shadow to shadow

Waiting for her to reach the flowered medow

We watch as she lets her guard down

Carefully we step without a sound

Casious to bring our prey to the ground

Slowly she gathers flowers in delight

We rush forward as dusk turns to night

i belive thats all of my good ones, spell check them, because my spelling is horrible. Enjoy my poems that i have submitted!

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

The Collection of Evil Poems above are all mine, my name (as some may already know) is Christopher Miyoshi, I belive most, if not all of my poems met the standards you all have set for the cause. edit them as you please, if you need any more, send me an email.

P.S. could i have a copy of the book?

Evil Poems, AKA Arvocksnake

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

All these posts are awesome!!

01-23-2010 at 09:09:22 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Alexia -
Do what you must with Eastern Darkness ... smile
I am submitting - For My Queen and including the Knight's Duty as one poem.
I hope it is suitable .... smile

01-23-2010 at 09:28:50 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Ditto on Eastern Darkness - use my additions as you want

01-23-2010 at 10:34:17 AM

The Damsels Demise (A Grim Gothic Epic)

Hark! What is this I hear? A poor Damsel in distress?
"Take me to her quickly, my fiery steed!"
The Queen hasn't much time, she needs a virgin princess.
Before the Bell strikes Twelve ~ the Damsel must bleed!
So off into the night … I ride high on my steed.
To save the poor Damsel from certain demise.
She is under attack, and she begs and she pleads.
While men tear at her clothes ~ with lust in their eyes!

I arrive just in time - Her virtue remains pure.
With thy mace and thy sword I fight to the death.
I help her to safety, her life I reassure.
She hugs me and thanks me ~ while catching her breath!
I smile and I tell her that she'll be safe for now.
To the Castle I will bring her to reside.
The Queen will be happy to see her, and allow,
Her to be a princess ~ at least for tonight!

~ ~ ~
So, it’s off to the castle - with a crack of the whip,
There’s no time to waste ~ We must arrive quick!
~ ~ ~

The Castle of Blood sits high on the hill.
Once filled with laughter now only with shrills.
The screams of torment, of agony and disdain,
Are all that is heard ~ behind these walls of pain!
Where my Queen sits high upon her skeletal throne.
Made from sacrificial virgin skin - sewn to the bone.
She drinks of their blood from her skull-laden goblet.
While she grips with clawed hand ~ another poor Damsel's locket!

She drags her while screaming - clinging on to dear life.
But there is no escaping the Blood Queen of the night.
The Queen quiets the Damsel with promises of greatness.
She will name her the princess ~ reassuring her salvation!
She makes her an offer, an enticing proposition.
Promises of riches far beyond imagination.
Then the poor Damsel gleams, the fear gone from her eyes.
The Queen flashes her fanged smile ~ the fool has fallen for her lies!

She then tells the Damsel she must disrobe, to put on her brand new dress.
Made of the purest and finest silk, for she must have only the best.
She says, "My Dear, you first must bathe, to cleanse your body and soul.
To rid yourself of being a slave ~ and to allow your new life to unfold!"
The Damsel is wildly ecstatic, so thankful for her new found good fortune.
She starts splashing and laughing, and singing - lost in such joyful proportion!
The Queen then smiles her evil grin, for again her spell has worked.
So with razor sharp claws, she shreds and she rips ~
while the screaming Damsel wildly jerks!
~ ~ ~
As she finished sucking each drop of life and draining the Damsel's soul.
The Queen grew 100 years younger that night ~
and The Castle of Blood, Bells tolled!
So fear ye! Fair Damsels in distress, because this Knight lives only to serve.
For my Queen desires your virgin blood ~
and I give her what she deserves! vampire

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RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

There are new poems i have up on my profile, if you want my Cold Crow the Slayer, ill be happy to post it

EvilPoems / Arvock snake

01-28-2010 at 11:42:09 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Nocturnal Horse

Eyes open and I behold visions of the Morningstar,
Shining darkness that illuminates the realm of the shadow,
And me, a visitor of sorts, my passage booked behind closed lids.

I hear screams and laughter, a chorus of cruelty dueling for dominance,
The tormenter and its plaything acting out scenes of aggression,
Sickened by the smell hate, I wretch, which only invites attention.

The tormenter turns in my direction and smiles,
His smile reminiscent of rotting tree stumps covered with fungus,
His eyes were devoid of anything recognizable of being human.

By his side and carrying the toys with which he plays his torturous games,
His companion stood, a black horse with leathery wings and a mane of fire,
The unholy beast impatiently scratched hoof to ground in a hypnotic rhythm.

The tormenter, sensing his shadowy friends need for blood,
Points in my direction as if to say, “ that one is all yours!”
And with the silent command giving the horse freedom, she begins to charge.

The plaything, which was given a momentary respite, was once again seized upon.
As the ghastly game continued, and the cacophony of pain and glee began anew,
My mortal eyes were fixed upon the enraged beast rapidly approaching.

With each hoof beat, my heart increased its gushing output,
Paralyzed by fear, I could do nothing but watch as this macabre scene continued,
Screams, laughter, hoof beats; the sound of my terrified heart as it pleads for mercy.

As the winged companion, this nocturnal horse of the Morningstar nears its victim,
I scream out in terror, “ cease this vision! I beg of you, please!”
I shut my eyes tight and cringe in anticipation of the pain that is surely imminent.

And then… nothing happened. The crushing blow that was expected never came.
The screams stopped, no laughter mocking my fears, and the smell of hate vanished,
Fearful that this peace was just another form of torment, I reluctantly open my eyes.

Expecting to see my horrible end, I braced myself,
But the only thing I could see was the small crack in the ceiling of my bedroom,
And just like that, the reality I thought was my fate ended and I awoke.

No Morningstar visions, no tormenter and plaything,
Nor was there a hoofed animal of darkness despair,
Just my sweat soaked sheets and my alarm welcoming me back to what’s real,

Morning time, and I have to somehow manage the strength to rise,
Never have I had such a restless nights sleep, filled with such vile imagery,
As the memory of that horrid dream begins to fade, I feel unprepared to face my day.

01-28-2010 at 09:31:23 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

my name is josh maddox and here are mine lol
bloody sword

bloodsoaked clothes dead laying side by side. massacre throughout town bloodshed of everone it didnt matter their age gender or race they all were massacred by a man with a sword decorated in gold and silver. not a single person survived the attack on the little town, not even the mice and the men in jail.
the man walked out of the town with his sword swinging at anything that could breath and let their blood splash on his sword.
the blood covered most of the sword and what parts of the gold and silver that wasnt covered in blood glittered birghtly like a star in the night sky.
the man laughed a hearty laugh as he walked towards the next town

anger in my veins

voices in my head, oh so many. i can see them they all look simular yet diffrent. they all go by the same name yet their personalities are different some by little bit n others by ratical ammounts. but for one his name is blade. hes full of anger so full of it the anger is in his veins. my minds eye shows him standing 6ft 3in long silver hair with glowing menancing yellow eyes that turn oddly a dark blue when he gets even madder than usual. while walking thro town i can hear blade talking to me all of them, the one full of anger n the others, they talk about random things but he he mostly wants to fight.

twisting of the mind

birds flying across the sky oh so high, do you think they ever miss being close to thier loved ones just like humans? or are they able to fly millions of miles without missing them? if so when one of their loved ones goes missing do they go looking for it of do they not care just like a abusive parent who neglects their child? do they realise how fucked up the childs mind is after all the pain that is caused? no they dont for they are shallowminded n heartless! they will burn in the deepest depths of hell for abusing their kids. they wonder why people start to kill but they dont realize that its the parents that usually abuse their children n cause the children to have mental disorders n anger towards the world that theyd kill oh so many. just like a fallen flower petal the human hand can be delicate but used in another way it can be used as a weapon.

to be held

sunken eyes in the face of a lonely man, standing, wishing he had more, in his eyes you can see how he craves to be held by another, oh how he wishes so to be held and to be loved by another. But atlast no one ever held him not even his parents nor told him that they loved him. cast aside from the world the man hides in the shadows wishing for the one day that hed be loved and held by another.

no help in hell

burning red eyes aglow, ashown from a ghostly pale face millions fear what they do not understand yet what they do not understands does not understands them. full of anger it sets them ablaze burning them oh they burn oh so beautifully. bodies boiling and becoming ash and bone. they slowly died and while they died they screamed a loud painful scream asking for help but no help came. their bodies burned for an eternity and while they burned they were whipped.

02-08-2010 at 09:04:21 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause( Evil from Inkmaster for your book!)

~Destines burned in faith~

The towers crumble,
I fall as I walk through,
the chard streets of Hell.

An angle sits strapped in a
cage, with Holy thoughts,
engraved out on her face.

The whipping post is full,
of fallen soul from long
ago lost in the fires of,
no faith .

I watch as the pictures
of my past circle and dance,
am I caught in a wicked,
vision wedged in a malevolence,
dream that has consumed me.

Turned away from the gate
made of pearl is this my,
fortune to wear the wings
Of fate.
Like a well tuned Orchestra,
I except this with,
No faith and don’t look back.

It is said transgression
comes from within,
It should say wickedness,
is all there is room for within.
So should I put a bullet in
And show you what,
Happens when sin ends.

I have burnt the white
Horses of my yesteryear,
And sit tucked away as my
Essence waits to decay …..


02-09-2010 at 08:38:53 PM

Unholy Union

It was a dark and evil October night ...
I remember it all to well.
The memory lies - still fresh in my mind,
My personal journey to Hell.

I lay warm and comfortable in my bed ...
As she lay naked by my side.
She was a vision of beauty to behold,
In the rays of the bright moonlight.

When an odd feeling just flooded over me ...
Felt like a battle had been lost?
Something wasn't right - Something felt so wrong,
Couldn't get it out of my thoughts.

What had happened to me just moments before? ...
Can't shake this feeling of dread.
Her insatiable lust, unquenchable thirst,
Left a pounding in my head.

The sights of blood & sex had filled my mind ...
Left me questioning my soul.
The intermingling of our passionate screams,
Had taken complete control.

The aroma of sex permeated the air ...
Blood-letting was part of the game.
And she licked each drop - like it was her last,
Savoring the taste of the pain.

She screamed and howled like a bitch in heat ...
With every orgasmic thrust.
She would've taken more - All I had to give,
Knew it would never be enough.

She had taken my soul to hell and back ...
This sweet succubus of sin.
With her kiss of death and undying desire,
She sealed our unholy union.


02-09-2010 at 08:43:36 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

His Evil Languished Land (H.E.L.L.)

Mountains of fire cradle pools of sin,
Unfortunate desires of foolish skin,
Funeral pyre burning cool once again,
And me, just a liar as a rule I offend.

Seas of death boiling and flooded with hate,
One final breath before it’s too late,
Hope burns away, up in smoke to the sky,
I turn to leave, no escape so why try.

Winds of ash blowing hard, fanning the flame,
Flesh has been marred from standing in shame,
No demons around, save for one that I see,
Im forever bound with this demon in me.

Sulfurous rain pouring down without end,
Wishing this pain would terminate its trend,
Forever, my sentence, and forever I’ll stay,
Never again will I endeavor to play.

Alone in this wasteland, my demon and me,
I’m no longer a man, how could this be?
Stripped of my pride and my sins are exposed,
So here I’ll reside behind gates that are closed.

02-09-2010 at 08:45:58 PM


It came to me in my descent
Cloaked in hatred - draped in fire.
Evil tasting - my pain so sweet
My misery It's only desire.

Devouring flesh - my salted wound,
Sucking bile from my blackened soul.
Dragging me deeper into it's depths,
My agony It's only goal.

Hell hath no mercy and no regret.
No inkling of love or the pure.
It's unquenched thirst cannot be fulfilled,
This beast craves and cries out for more.

Further I fall into the abyss,
My body and soul - feeding the gloom.
While the minions sit and gorge themselves,
Forever feasting upon my salted wound.


02-09-2010 at 08:53:28 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

are you trying to show me up there knight smile

02-09-2010 at 08:53:58 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

futile journey

Flowing from the knowing mind,
Rowing in a river of time,
Knowing not what I will find,
Going mad, need to unwind.

Seeing seas and rivers go by,
Being me but living a lie,
Leaving all of my fears to die,
Grieving tears fall from the sky.

Scared to look at what’s behind,
Impaired and caught up in this grind,
Dared to be for all mankind,
Cared enough to be entwined.

Making sense to ear and eye,
Doubt and confusion floating by,
Keeping calm, or at least I try,
Feeling lost but don’t know why.

Crippling pain, but I can’t cry,
The tears are spent and now I’m dry,
I have no love to say goodbye,
I’m leaving soon don’t wonder why.

How much time has passed me by,
Timeless words and feelings fly,
Always failing, still I try,
Feeling empty, here I die.

02-09-2010 at 09:24:51 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

He's not the only one! You all have very good poems! Congrates to all!! Here i go bleeding for the Cause :D

Cold Crow the Slayer

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
bringing blood and sorrow
time is short, time is short
the time has come for bloody sport

no one knows where he came from
you will see him when your time comes
he walks the land searching for sick or old
his ways quick, his breath, cold

searching forever to do his skill
searching forever to hunt and kill
Cold Crow the Slayer
hunts from now into forever

time has come, death eternal
blood has spilled, a new miracle
Cold Crow, set my soul free
Cold Crow, is not our enemy

he has all the signs of death
blood, hellish, skeletal, only soul left
he cant be killed, he cannot die
under ground your body shall lie

he comes with burning sky
he shall free, soul fly high
free you with cresent blade
watching silently in the shade

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
bringing blood and sorrow
time is short, time is short
the time has come for bloody sport

time has come, death eternal
blood has spilled, a new miracle
Cold Crow, set my soul free
Cold Crow, is not our enemy

he guides your path to flame or light
the eternal right hand of god's might
wanderer of both worlds; day, night
angel of heal, demon of blight

his hooded cloak, blood soaked
with heaven and hell, he's entangled
he is the foremost, first
never to live, forever cursed

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
bringing blood and sorrow
time is short, time is short
the time has come for bloody sport

he eludes punishment and repent
extra life or time, he never lent
he allows for last words, promises out brought
innocents, murders, all have been caught

he creates rivers, of blood and despair
battles, all fallen, taken into care
he has felled demi-gods and kings
he is the killer of all things

time has come, death eternal
blood has spilled, a new miracle
Cold Crow, set my sould free
Cold Crow, is not our enemy

he is the messenger of future life
loyalty, god, religion, all belief
curropted burn, innocent fly
coming of damnation, souls alive

he is the entrance to a new world
a new, fresh, un-spoiled
he is the forever key
unlocking for all, The Eternity

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
bringing blood and sorrow
time is short, time is short
the time has come for bloody sport

time has come, death eternal
blood has spilled, a new miracle
Cold Crow, set my soul free
Cold Crow, is not our enemy

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
time has come, death eternal
bringing blood and sorrow
blood has spilled, a new miracle
time is short, time is short
Cold Crow, set my soul free
the time has come for bloody sport
Cold Crow, is not our enemy

Cold Crow, Cold Crow
time is short, time is short
Cold Crow.... Cold Crow....
set my soul free
time is short.... time is short....
blood has spilled
a new miracle

Evil Poems AKA Arvocksnake

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02-13-2010 at 05:24:43 PM

Night Flight

Night Flight
A. W. Nutter

Bareback glistening in the pale moonlight
Lungs laboring as I continue my flight
Branches breaking creating too much sound
Need to be quiet or I will be found

Screaming loudly as the enemy attacks
Rolling me over straddling my back
A tongue caresses my flesh causing me to shiver
The beast howling in triumph as it feels me quiver

Slowly the animal withdrawals into the brush
Heart pounding my fear peaks in a rush
Life and death struggle the creature unswayed
The final game is about to be played

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.