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Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

09-01-2010 at 12:06:48 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Hey Sling -
I ditto Angels question .. But also want to know, will the poets whose poems are included be receiving a free book or will they have to purchase one as well? Please include both my name and Pen name: Ken Knight aka: Knight4696 Thanks, Ken

09-01-2010 at 12:09:02 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Also .. is there still time to add poems to this forum or is it closed?

09-01-2010 at 12:12:48 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Ok, I will post up the PDF once I lock it so no one on the net can make changes,
we can make changes here.
I have to write an introduction, and get the others in, and get your names in.
I also have to number the pages.
I need Demonic Transfer sent to me edited
I need the two unfinished poems done.
About the free books, I am not sure as of now.
But they way things are as I see them we will need to purchase them.
It is published by us the Poets of Blood,
but once the book is complete it will belong to the Org in Il.
But I will post the info soon, ok.

09-01-2010 at 12:12:50 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

I am still alive and kicking ... don't forget about me!!

09-01-2010 at 12:13:50 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Everyone who posted is in it, Rygar where you been, cant forget about you, lol
ty WS

09-01-2010 at 12:15:23 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Yes Knight Poems are closed, Dano, and MindNumbing are adding in, and that's it.

09-01-2010 at 12:15:48 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

i have been....

Clouded in secrecy,
Shadows aren’t fiends to me.
Bolder than my body,
My heart… it speaks to me,
Seeking out wisdom seems,
Better than normalcy.
Frightening and speedily,
Witlessly battling,
My secret’s shattering,
Boned tales are tattling.
Creatures stare, witnessing,
Sitting explicitly,
Comparing yet listening,
Constructing philosophy,
Softly acknowledging,
Strongly admonishing,
Taking in all I see,
Absorbing the energy,
Sinfully, eagerly
Greedily being me...

a bit selfish lately .. wink

09-01-2010 at 12:19:19 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

I am sure the book will do somewhat good, maybe we can do a second edition, so
stay focused, and positive.

Here is what it says:

The Poets of Blood

Bleed for a Cause

by Alexia Osborn
and the Poets of Blood

A book of poetry

A Poets of Blood publication
Poets from originalpoetry.com
United States of America

© 2010 Poets of Blood
Each poem is copyrighted by the poet

All rights reserved . No part of this book may be produced or
transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of
Poets of Blood or the individual poet.

09-01-2010 at 12:28:15 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

of cemetary dreams (and nightmare scapes)

awoke again to the sounds of death
the creeping silence of restless breath
the sounds i hear i cannot mistake
only death can sound this way

i feel the sun upon my face
enraptured in its warm embrace
within my eyes i see its glow
even though my eyes are closed

a whispered wind invades my ear
i feel the world that i can hear
the channeled sounds of lifeless life
the lonely cries of those who ve died

i open my eyes to see the sun
and find the world has come undone
a dark eclipse shades my face
lost within a shadowed embrace

markers with dates of death descend
as far as my eyes can transcend
in every direction i can see
the stones of death surrounding me

wilted flowers with decaying leaves
symbols of love from those who grieve
tattered angels with broken wings
left by those who truly believe

the leaves within the trees have gone
skeletal beings with demon claws
scratching and clawing at the wind
coming to life again and again

i turn to find a place to run
looking to see the warming sun
but the black and grey in the sky
pulls the color from my eyes

from the clouds the rain falls down
it floods my soul and my spirit drowns
below my feet the muddy ground
swallows my shoes and keeps me bound

i hear the whispers of the living dead
their cries for life echo through my head
i cover my ears to mute the screams
but it seems that they re inside of me

to my knees into the mud
i tilt my head to the shadowed sun
i scream aloud at the sky
to silence the deads woeful cries

the falling rain stings my eyes
and burns the color to lifeless white
streams of blood flow down my face
within my mouth the salty taste

i push the mud with my hands
with all my might i try to stand
to my thighs the mud has creeped
and now my arms are elbow deep

i feel the muck against my skin
it moves and pulls and draws me in
i strain and fight to break its grasp
until i feel i might collapse

i scream and cry and beg for help
even though im by myself
into the wind my lonely pleas
melding with the dead that scream

as whispers creep into my ears
the sounds of death is what i hear
my own demise before my eyes
among the stones of death that rise

peering through the rains that blind
upon a stone my name i find
carved within the granite face
its here that is my resting place

the ground has drawn me to my grave
the trees were clawing at this place
the whispered voices were trying to say
that everything will be ok

to just let go and wait and see
the whispers were meant to comfort me
to try ease my rising fears
even though i refused to hear

the sun reflects on the granite face
the flowers feel its warm embrace
upon the ground i feel its glow
even though my eyes are closed

wilted flowers with drying leaves
left for me by those who grieve
tattered angels with broken wings
left on my stone for company

the whispered voices in the wind
rising up to sing again
a channelled sounds of joyous lives
reunited on the other side

09-01-2010 at 12:33:56 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

please post my poem under dano

09-01-2010 at 12:36:54 PM

Coming Soon the Internet Blood-Fest

Just to let you all know Alexia, has an internet Tour for us in October.
We the pOetsofBlOoD, are going on a internet Blood Fest
to Horror dark poetry forums worldwide, so get ready.
And she will be returning....

we will meet other Dark poets, horror poets,

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09-01-2010 at 01:06:35 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Thanks for holding those elevator doors for us, WS!! vampire


Lycan lover, come to me
Come smell my human flesh
See the blood rush thru my veins
'Neath leather, lace and mesh

Luna will come calling soon
She'll call you to transform
Before she shines upon your soul
Bring me your manly form

Keep the beast locked in it's cage
If only for awhile
Unleash the man within your heart
With powers to beguile

And when the wolf has taken life
As passion turns to sleep
My loveless demon, dance for me
Come sink your claws in deep

09-01-2010 at 01:12:52 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

No Problem, Charlie is sending her and Standing Bears addition.
and I'll wrap this up. Post the Pdf, after final edit, so you all see what poens are in it, and everythings else.

I NEED A COVER ART, send me art
and a pm that you sent it

Thank you all

09-01-2010 at 01:31:11 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Hey WS, just to let you know I am a professional trained commercial artist, would be glad to help with the cover if you like? I went to school for 4 years when I was younger, when I got out of school they wanted to pay me minimun wage so I said screw that, lol. I still try to do some side work here and there as time permits, usually for family and friends. I would be glad to help and would do so for free. I could create an orginal art piece or use photoshop to create a unique picture. If you are interested in my help, send me a PM with all the details on how you want it to look, colors, title, theme, etc... Angel out

09-01-2010 at 01:41:04 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

i also do some graphic work... i will put something togeather and send it if you like

09-01-2010 at 01:44:47 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Ok, this is all donated. My hearts in it, so thank you for the help, sure.
Ok. I was thinking like images of the poets of blood a group like a knight, the reaper. Artie, and so on, look at the poets that donated, here
and this thread we are posting in.
Ok I just counted there are 13 female poets, and 12 males.
Look at them creat likea group shot looking down.
Get a feel for the charactars, and their photos.
Does this help, keep it dark, not gory.

have one holding a cake, and some holding books

Ok Dano, and Angel do what you do, there is a front and back to the book..

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09-01-2010 at 06:05:02 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Here is info on the organization.
They are called PADS, we are in LaSalle County, and are close to that office.
And Madelynn works there sometimes, so she knows them well.
Here is a link to there site in Cook County

They have one in every county-

We are calling them tonight, the shift leader that Madelynn knows best.
And telling them that we are about ready.
So I'll post that info soon..

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09-01-2010 at 06:48:04 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Dano created this, I love it, Poets of Blood, let us know what you think.

Sorry this cut has been removed

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09-01-2010 at 09:01:02 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

I like it!
All that blood looks delicious!

09-01-2010 at 09:51:14 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

i like the darkness of it... but ... is that a birthday cake??

09-01-2010 at 10:03:52 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

...... ?? ... blood? ... delicious?? ... birthday cake??? ... oh s*** ... i musta hit the wrong button ... i'm scared! ... see-ya! ... haha ............

09-01-2010 at 10:34:18 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

If poem or poems are chosen post my name A. W. Nutter and pen name as well Rhymer. Thanks WS

09-01-2010 at 10:44:08 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Awesome Dano, I think it is perfect, pure genius! Love the bloody dark tone of the backgound. I was going to do some original art work, but really this is perfect WS! Has my vote for sure, from both a poetic standpoint as well as an artistic one, bravo! Angel out

09-01-2010 at 11:46:24 PM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

Dano, is making some placement, and color adjustments, furthermore removing the cake for a candled lantern held by a glove hand, I'll repost it, once the artisti, has sent it to me, thank you for your opinions,

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09-02-2010 at 12:03:53 AM

RE: Poets Of Blood.~Bleed for a Cause

It's interesting to know there is some closure to the grand opening of this book. The cover is bloody great...and of course, it must be Blueberry Blood Birthday Cake, courtesy of 'Mad Maddie'. (Who seems quite far from 'mad').
I believe, quite some months back, I was asked to remove several of my posts, so I don't really know what to expect. If I'm in it, my pen name will suffice.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.