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02-24-2011 at 04:30:07 PM

RE: Cyber Harrassment


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03-07-2011 at 01:53:56 PM


David you have a twisted view of reality and are a narccicistic, only see one side of an issue fucking idiot. And yeah I know I spelled it wrong.....so what. You call inverted love song poetry......you think it was funny.......I call it harrassment and slanderous, out of line, perverted dribble......I caused you real harm David really....Check this out ass hole........Lets say I was trying to get a new job and my possible future employer googled my name........because they do do that dear......every day......and they came upon you "poem". That could cost me that job.....in this economy David that is real harm. How do you think I found the video.......I searched my own name on google. You can't do all the foul shit you have done to numerous members of OP and god knows what other web sites and expect not to have it come back to you. You have been nasty to people who did nothing to you......I was not even on OP from Feb to June last year......I didn't even know you were back on OP until you attacked Dah, put my name in it and I recognised your language and called you out. You can't hold me to a higher expectation of good behavior than you hold your self to. This is a public web site with many people having oppinions and points of view.......Yet you continue to try to force yours on others telling them what poetry is or isn't...... Any poet who gets popular you have an issue with.......You have a large ego yet an inferiority complex at the same time.......You are bitter and mean and closed minded and one sided......I do not have to like you and if you would remove the slanderous poems and videos about me you have posted then I would leave you alone. But the fact that you refuse to do that shows that it is just like you said......YOU ARE HAVING FUN. I think you cause issues on purpose with who ever is getting popular hoping the drama with bring attention to your poetry......try writing something current that people can relate to and maybe you could gain your own popularity insted of trying to steal it. REMOVE THE VIDEO AND POEMS AND I WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE. I'M ASKING YOU NICELY TO PLEASE REMOVE THEM TODAY.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.