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Freeing From Ego, Building A Fake One

06-03-2019 at 06:01:36 PM

Freeing From Ego, Building A Fake One

I am analyzing my corpse. Everything still moves, change. Everything is moving around the center-point of everything, and I see everything in everything. And the still arrow soars through it’s sky. Daytime, night, time flys on one indescribable love. Positive perspective solution. We exist! The big bang happened relatively and is still occuring, changing perspective from the finite to the infinite. One into two and two sides of one. Seeing the most simple and finding the most complex. Relative past, one now. Jump in! Kill your ego and cleanse your corpse. Purification, beingness being being. All the days go round and round, over the ground and under the ground. You can easily do it entirely. A planet of people in your imagination thinking about something. Go swimming in the sea in you. The thrilling feeling of migration, finally leaving home, free from an empty womb. Mother Earth is my birth and my tomb. Flying along the starway for now, collecting organs in my starship. New imaginary worlds full of thinking life, exploring. Connecting the dots as a rebuilt robot analyzes time. Metaphorical gravity, free of the threshold. We’re finding new brains in piles of fleshy mirrors and symbols, on one entire body of mind, all. Formless, when do we arrive at the shore to set sail to the destination of the invisible whale? In the beginning. The beginning is in us all of the time. Design with your mental paint-brush. Dancing in the sun, tingling heat, paradise dream, ten days a week. The artist creates one form within many, and many within one. The long list of sights relates one form to many, and many search within. And we live within the composite as part of it. And the layers relate and are part of each other. My new robotic ego is analyzing meaning in a hug. Compute the love.

Magic Spell #420:
Love the outside. Great infinite Angel come down and let me act as your vessel and voyage. Paint your presence on us in the now. As above, so below, outside of that and in the nothing. Help us develop. Please. Word. Bless this media my friend.


Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.