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Have You Been Cheated by IQ Option?

04-19-2021 at 02:42:45 AM

Have You Been Cheated by IQ Option?

Have You Been Cheated by IQ Option?

  Investors are not suggested to trade at the platform of unfamiliar brokers, unless they're 100% sure about the broker's compliance. Many people, whether beginners or experienced brokers, think that it is possible to decide a broker's credibility through broker reviews online, but such an approach is not always a good idea.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

Recently, several investors from Pakistan exposed forex scam broker IQ Option on WikiFX exposure channel, stating that they had been defrauded. It is worth noting that this broker uses a group of so-called “teacher” or experienced “trader” to conduct the scam. But in fact, be it a “teacher” or “trader”, they are all SCAMMERS indeed!

  The most commonly trick IQ Option scammer use is setting up an online live broadcast room or trading signal/ bonus group, where those scammers constantly posted fake profit screenshots, account open bonuses, trading signals to lure investors to deposit on the IQ Option trading platform.The investors complained that their account has been blocked by IQ Option without any reason. Most of them lost their hard earned salary, as a result their lives become more difficult. Some were even caught in an economic crisis, the money left is not enough to feed the children.

  By checking WikiFX App, you can see that IQ Option is only scored 1.86. The broker is now heavily complained. The complaints have reached 38 in the past 3 months. As of WikiFX's press release, there are still many victims in South Asia reporting against IQ Option. Remember to check the qualification of a broker on WikiFX App before making deposits, lest you suffer losses from scam brokers!
  As IQ Option scams are spreading all over South Asia, including India and Pakistan, it is high time that investors be vigilant and stay away from this scam broker! If you‘re cheated by IQ Option, don’t hesitate to contact WikiFX, the best forex trading inquiry platform with the most influential exposure system in the South Asia. Now you can expose forex scam on WikiFX app or website, read how Keep Silence to FX Scams? NO! EXPOSE Them on WikiFX! (https://bit.ly/3dWv4N1)

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