Free Enterprise


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Company, government, organization? Any organization with a pyramid organizational structure and believes it ought to be structured that way is doomed at the end of the world.

Free Enterprise

by Tom King © 2010


you ever

noticed that we

humans design and draw

our organizational charts upside

down? That's because we draw them

based on how we see the world ourselves.

The boss (who should someday be me) sits high

atop a pyramid of folks. Two vice-presidents; four division

directors, eight department heads, sixteen middle managers

each with eight foremen and each of them with four to a dozen

workers, thousands at the base, carrying all the weight for those above.

The company rule? We choose what you will do - when and how to do it.


Have you noticed that God's organizational chart is upside down from man's

and a lot flatter? At the top is man, the cherished sons and daughters.

Beneath our guides, protectors and shepherds; pastors,leaders

and angels, uplifiting and encouraging the children God

gives to them in charge And at the base the Father

holds us up--Creator, Saviour, Breath of Life.

 The rule for us is Golden--Choose you.

this day whom you will serve. Treat

 others as you would yourself

be treated.


If you had to choose,

     which outfit would you rather work for?

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twayneking commented on Free Enterprise


@rslassi: I don't believe in the "Zapper" God. By all accounts He's pretty patient. We choose to step out from under his protection and the consequences are not His doing. I don't believe in an immortal soul or an ever-burning hell. Can't find that in scripture if you read it through. I believe we live as we choose, one way or another. The consequences follow our choices. If we choose to go our own way, there are consequences. We live. What happens, happens. We die and then there's a short settling of accounts after which we sleep eternally just like we always thought we would. God is merciful. We choose to follow God (I believe) and he works all things together for good and no matter how it comes out, we live, we do good as best we can, God makes us fit to live forever and then, we die and get new bodies at the end of the world and live forever right here on our own home world. Me I plan to visit the rest of the universe too. Can't imagine being bored. Tom King - Tyler, TX

rsalassi commented on Free Enterprise


To be honest, I think I would put more trust in Man than in God. Why? Even though Man can be a low-down, dirty rat, our vengeful God zaps us on a much larger scale without giving it a second thought, all the while extending his arms in an invitation to "come to me." But your poem is great. And so is your outlook on life. But be careful. God could still getcha!!

HarverTomsson commented on Free Enterprise


Hope the recovery works out for you. Surgical and economic-- and more. Harv



I think God's backed me into a corner for some reason. Usually means he has something he wants me to do and I'm just to thick to figure it out. Keeping my eyes open. Tom

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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