It’s an illusion to some but in fact authenticity to all

A choice incurable or beautiful, simply a foul call

It brings joy and peace as lost and sleep

Free will, the ultimate gift

The very power that proves God existence

We in fact are not just creations but instead His children

He is the Alpha and Omega, the One and Only

Comical how we are the breed in between

Do you now see how we know good and evil?

He created both as of a test allowing free will

A delusional enslavement that causes to kill

Are we controlled robots or chaotic humans

Why the anarchy just open the eyes of your heart

Look around it’s an exam scored on the big day

Your soul is on the line, will you pass or fail

Again a decision, a will to choose freely

A choice to be made, man above God or God above man

Are we truly enslaved to the Bible?

Instead the master is brutal the fatal free will, sin

When we realize the facts, the effect is to blame

Yes, the father of lie exists, but does not free will

So why sin in shame and deny the rules of the game

To you it’s a joke, His just trying to control

In fact you control, down or up! Come on lets be real!

An officer on the road in a deep patrol

Fire alarm set but nowhere to roll

Cannot be dropped for you are already fallen

Life is tough isn’t, religion a reality, your head swollen

Demons fighting, your inheritance stolen

The more you rebel, the angrier you get

In fact death is here, free will, you’ve already met

Truth is souls are suffering, some rejoicing

Why! All based on a choice yours freely to take

A preacher preaches; a teacher teaches

You my friend freely decide to learn and earn

Its coming back isn’t it, the will to burn

As for me I prefer the Word of the Lord, my GOD, peace confirmed

A Book given, rules to follow, self righteousness to term

Free will, just a test and God’s worldly given attribute

Use it wisely, be safe and listen to learn

We are not robots, but humans a beautiful plantation

We are His children not just a creation

So let us wipe away His tears and give some appreciation

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Sali commented on FREE WILL


I have written a poem in Response to Free Will, please check it out thanks...great poem




ElizabethUK commented on FREE WILL


Free will is indeed a blessing from the Almighty Creator, and each and every one of us struggle to understand 'God has already written His plan for us, then do we have free will exactly?' but of course, this is our test, our test of faith to use our blessing of free will but without disobedience, I like how your poem expresses the feeling all of us go through, the initial confusion, satan whispering thoughts to us that make us question WHY? We all have the free will to obey almighty God, or to disobey Him.... and this is our test of faith. Beautifully written



please read his pain and our salvation.....washed garden..and madame eve

anaisnais commented on FREE WILL


It's all about personal choice - and you define that well in this write. To be given no choice we might as well be robots, identical copies manufactured to just be perfect. We're not and so we must learn from our choices and wrongs... It's a tangled web out there, be careful! Well done. Anna-Marie.



thank you for reading .......i do beg ,please read his pain and our salvation shake and wake

ontherise1984 commented on FREE WILL


This one does point in the direction I was heading with caving in, but it points in two directions...both positive and negative. I think your take on it was better, as indicates the choice and power that man and woman always will have. Mine indicates what is left over when the wrong choice is made...what little power is left in the person as they succumb to sin. That is the ultimate consequence of the wrong choices. Yet, the hope you provide in your writing is more effective in style, as it is more universal.



WELL WE ALL ARE CHILDREN OF GOD one just have to decide to be

JayJ420 commented on FREE WILL


that's wuz long n must've had alot of though....i luv'd that one.....keep up the good work yo...



cool......well continue to read if u may.......great job on ur writes

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T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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