Gentle Dream


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    Gentle Dream

    I realized the truth, as it slipped past in the stream
    gently persuading, turning phrases like a dream

    Appended in portraits, subdued fractured mind pilots
    diligently guiding, painting temporal violets.........

    Drifting sylyloaque, realized quick, then forgotten
    lingering gestalt, preview or play, verboten

    Stricken, mindful heart, how you attach such elegance
    realms fully realized, found soundly sleeping by chance

    Curative, redeeming nature, passions stronghold, torn 
    stumble into wakefulness, sub-consciously, wholly shorn

    Midway reassembly, collective thought returns unbidden
    stepping into ordinary, no longer fully hidden

    Regret at leaving, efforts hampered, home just slips away
    cognizant commands, shrug off dreams! its another day


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    laurilang5 commented on Gentle Dream


    This is just beautiful.. left enough room for the reader to fill in some blanks and make it their own 'dream'. Nice cadence and word smithing, excellent!

    Paolo commented on Gentle Dream


    The style of this poem aptly suits the subject of this poem. Dreams can be fragments, disconnected and come in spurts and drop off quickly. In how the voice ponders, "Stricken, mindful heart, how you attach such elegance realms fully realized, found soundly sleeping by chance." This line might be more fitting as the line that sums up the work. But then isn't it fitting for a poem that makes dancing about like dreams sometimes bounce about.



    so are you sayin ya liked it then? Hope so cuz I had to dig kinda deep for it and it got low scores too, well thanks for reading you may like dark screamers better

    Lyrix commented on Gentle Dream


    i likes!!! ... it is as if i was in a dream just now. that's good writing man

    fatboy commented on Gentle Dream


    Nice flow to it. Even yet......a little bit of a wave. Good job

    DestinedQueen commented on Gentle Dream


    Seems this comes through changing constantly like how dreams do. Very good and I love the last line "Shrug off dreams! It's another day." A very interesting thought on how different realms open up to us every night in slumber....I just love how this came together to mean so much to such a wide audience...DQ

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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