Giving Up


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    Giving Up

    As the music stops, the merry go round still spins
    In the end the cards I show will not win
    The carnival rides always tempting with their fun
    And yet my life seems to be always on the run

    From the dark illumines cloud that seems to hover above my head Through this life surely I'm lead
    Dark satanic demons urging to give in
    Forget the fight and live with them in sin

    Leave my faith at my feet and bow down to hell
    My soul, an appetizer as I hear the ring from the dinner bell
    I fight them away and begin to run even faster
    Searching for my faith and yet in sight still no pastor

    The fight to live on is slowly decaying with my mind
    My contract in death has already been signed
    Stained with my blood that drips from my eyes
    My body letting out one last sigh

    Never knowing when to give up the fight
    Even in all my pain I still don't seek flight
    Always kicking and pushing through the unbreakable
    For my soul is unshakable

    Sturdy and determined on what must go down
    Yet if I lose my battle do not frown
    I chose the path I must walk through life
    Forever grasping my knife

    To lash out against the wicked who stand in my way
    For all you nay sayers I must say
    Never count me out when the odds are in your favor
    And remember your not my savior

    So sit and spin on the things you said
    The spoon of bullshit yourself you've fed
    Blank emotions on stupefied faces
    For a second, you and I, lets trade places

    Let me tell you that your going to die
    The treatments won't work but what the hell lets just try
    Hoping for the best and not filling you with any kind of hope
    That's right shut up and bite down on this bar of soap

    Wash your mouth from the shit that you spit
    For its your false hope that keeps hell brightly lit
    So next time think before you open your trap
    Otherwise your face will receive a slap!

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    melanie23 commented on Giving Up


    holy shit. this is great. deep and full of passionate anger. well done. well writen and u make the reader feel every ounce of pain that ur going through. this is going in my favs.



    Thank you for the comment. If you like this one I'm sure you will enjoy any of my work. Some of its really dark and some happy. I'm sure you will feel even more pain and cry with some. Enjoy! I will read some of yours later as well, I look forward to it!

    jenifer commented on Giving Up


    i think the ending was a little to over the top dramatic, but its good. i have a friend that was born with eco dysplaysia and they told his parents he wouldnt live and then when he did ,they said hed never walk or talk or be normal and both for your stories just go to show that one can achieve even when others think you will fail . keep on living strong with your will. later

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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