• Love

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    love has often been right in front of me. just out of reach. however, love is always too painful for me to have. love and i just don't get along...


    the girl encased in spotless
    unbreakable glass
    i can clearly see her
    but cannot touch her
    i can see the rise and fall of her breathing
    feel the thump of heart beating
    can almost taste her feeding

    what is she thinking
    for she is blinking
    when i pound upon her enclosure

    when she looks through the transparency
    can she see the hope in my eyes
    or tolerate my screams
    or see through her vision to my dreams
    where she follows me into the sleeping hours
    and romances me in the dark

    upon waking
    i am yet again reminded of the sorrow
    the cruel irony of unbreakable glass

    such excruciating ecstasy to be so close
    but still so far from home

    untouchable love and crippling desire
    has found me outside
    and alone


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    JadedJezzabel commented on glass


    complex and fantastic in its form and are a very talented writer

    purdylox commented on glass


    wow I wonder if I have ever been in glass and not heard the beating from the outside. I know I have beat on glass myself, wonderful poem



    thanks again, purdylox ( great name ) . i really appreciate you taking the time to read me.

    AmberRaeCable commented on glass


    I read it twice. First time I didnt catch that you were trying to get through to someone and that the glass was just very clever imagery? i thought of it literally. My husband was in jail when our baby was young. I thought of that while reading your poem and how hard that was that i couldnt touch him or get to him. either way, the poem is beautiful! another 10!



    i don't know how i missed your response to my little story. you have a direct and literal understanding of what it means to be so close but out of reach of love, loved ones ( like your husband ) and general tenderness. thank you for such kind words and i hope this letter finds you together with a complete family. big love.

    cheronld commented on glass


    Its like on the outside looking in....all you want to do is shake them and see me...hear me....This was written very well and I truly enjoyed it....Kudos my friend..



    thank you so much, friend.....sorry it took so long to respond.

    hjaycarney commented on glass


    one one who has themselves experienced complete and utter isolation can observe the same in others. exceptionally perceptive and well written piece. well done Jay



    thank you for reading my entire battery of i really appreciate that. i will check back in and read some more of yours as well.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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