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    Undying shadows pervade my view

    As sunlight flees through groping cloud

    The thirsty ground soaking crimson dew

    As beneath my Cross Your back is bowed


    The spittle flies, the blows rain down

    Your crimson stains the dogwood tree

    With bloody head, and dripping crown

    Your loving eyes seek out...me


    I hold your gaze as you stagger low

    Beneath heavy weight of mankind's shame

    But Golgotha's victory cannot know

    The power that death will bring Your Name


    I wince in pain as nails pierce skin

    While ringing hammer resounds aloud

    The Son of Man, untouched by sin

    Extends His mercy to a merciless crowd


    On dogwood throne You are raised on high

    As to life you unavailingly clutch

    Arms outstretched, with spear pierced side

    Proclaiming to all, “I love you...this much”

    Marcus Lewis


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    SpiritSong commented on Golgotha


    My..My...My...How wonderfully written by a gifted poet to be sure, and in perfect rhythm, with symbols as the dogwood tree that draw to all of the wonderful imagery you have utilized for the readers benefit so visually. You have transparently cleared our view that we might see the power of the Creator who poured out all out of love for His creation and wayward lost family yet to come into a full realization of the true state of our own selfish hearts, that we might understand the depths of Who He is, and His resurecting power to all who receive Him. Truly an amazing piece my brother.. with The Holy Spirit's heart, mind, and pure voice of truth.. absolutely a beautiful expressed work of the mission and passion of messiah...Thank You beloved..well done indeed! "spiritsong"

    Marsink commented on Golgotha


    Very moving, and convicting me to have undying loyalty and thankfulness for the GREAT DEBT that I will spend eternity serving Him in joy for. Thank you for allowing our Great God and Savior to inspire this work of art. His blessings be upon you and yours, amen. Marck

    GuitarMomma commented on Golgotha


    This is wonderful. It's so great that God's children that are not ashamed of Him... will share their gifts in such a way... I too...write from divine inspiration:). Keep writing like this, and you'll get someone saved.. or.. God will, through you. Wonderful. Two thumbs up. I ask that you go read some of mine as well, you may like some of my lyrics too.

    goddessphilly1 commented on Golgotha


    Great Poem, Great reality, And I hear your truth, You are blessed by the road that has brought you to this Reality.

    Lolee commented on Golgotha


    This is amazing. God has blessed you for a reason, to win the lost through words. Everyone is called in one way or another. Your calling is plain to see. Question: Acts 2:38. Have you read it? This is how His blood is applied to our souls...I humbly ask that you read this and pray about it. This just might be yet another step in your journey. Your poems are my favorite by far.



    Thank you very much, Lolee, for your kindness and inspiration. Answer: Acts 2:38 is the basis of my belief. I am a One God Apostolic. I am United Pentecostal in denomination. Thank you very much. Marcus

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