Gone Fishing


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    You can go fishing in many ways but taking a break from it all is wisdom good.

    Gone Fishing

    There was a note on the door gone fishing
    Away from the trials the day might bring
    Deliverance from the day at hand
    An unloaded stress melts aways
    With a line thrown in the water

    The worm of the day waves goodbye
    But does not catch it's prey
    Hook line and sinker
    No catch today

    When it seems to much, the load gets heavy
    You need a quite place to escape
    Just remember to throw that line
    It will take you to another place

    When the music gets loud
    Don't join the crowd
    A song turns to a dance
    A dance houses many
    Loud noises like cymbals ring

    Take a break from it all
    Let tomorrow take care of itself
    Find that quite place to relax
    Get away from it all

    Fish in your own way take a nap
    Be good to yourself this day
    Deal with it later
    Go have some fun
    You'll feel better

    Tomorrow won't seem so hard
    Business will look better
    Loud noises will lessen
    Put that note on your door
    SImply take a break
    Go fishing in your way


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    gogant commented on Gone Fishing


    When the worries get you by the collar...stand up and holler, "I'm gone fishing and ease my bones" Somebody once said that, but I'm not sure who. A really cute and sincere poem....................g

    Springsize commented on Gone Fishing


    Bettysrainbow48, it is as if one leaves your poems, with a smile... for you continue to look for the gold... and you're not fooled by the shiny stuff that doesn't move. THIS poem is light and carefree, while the message is so simple and yet, Heavy... solutions for a troubled moment... to find a way to get away in our own way... throwing the worm in there too, I see, just to show the surprises and outside forces intermingling with our time, our day, our plans... we could be the fishermen, or the worm..



    Thank you so much.I appreicate your thoughts.

    ArgusWayne commented on Gone Fishing


    Love this one, Betty! I've fished for years, but got bogged down in the usual turmoil of everyday life and skipped a year or two. Then last year, my stepson bought me a new rod and reel and dragged me along with him, fishing almost every weekend. It's quite possibly the best therapy in the world, and always brings back precious childhood memories, as did your wonderful poem.

    Teardrops commented on Gone Fishing


    A wonderful way to tell evereyone to find your fishing be it with a line or in a hamuck in the shade loved the poem . Your gift truly shows a 10 for me Marie



    I miss fishing. It was fun, very relaxing.

    ginga commented on Gone Fishing


    Betty, I detect that this is a little fishy, yeah! Sounds like a wonderful way to relax. I am not a fisherman but I do kayak. ginga



    It can be fun also with the right company.Thank you.

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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