Good-Bye Sweet Darkness


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I hope you will enjoy this poem... Thank you ... Wordspruer...

Good-Bye Sweet Darkness

As you creep slowly away from me
It is time for your departure as everyone can see
I wonder in my mind, do we really have to say Good-Bye
Even if we don't, you will leave with our eyes open wide

We count the minutes as the clock keep ticking away
As we all wait for the stroke of mid-night to bring the end of this day
You never leave in the mid-morning ,so we have to say
Good-Bye, as you leave in the dark and go on your way

Oh, night of mind boggling confusion, with boisterous noise of imagined happiness
Good-bye sweet darkness
As you gradually drift on, with an air of completeness
This is why I say "Good-Bye Sweet Darkness"

I know there is no need to try to beg you to stay
As every song of this year will continue to play
We know that we could not ask this of you
For no one can stop this night so misty and blue

As most celebrators seem filled with cheer
The time for us to say good-bye is growing near
Everyone seems to be happy as you depart
For in the morning a new year will start

Good-Bye sweet darkness
You will be deeply missed
I wish I could leave you with a lingering kiss
But now I have to settle with a remedy of a twist

We may have to settle for the arms of a total stranger
With shouts of Happy New Years, thhru out the remainder
There also will be a count down of your time to leave
We will say our final good-byes this New Years Eve
Good -Bye Sweet Darkness, soon it will be daylight
You will be remembered thru pictures of this special night
Good-Bye Sweet Darkness, no one seems to have a clue
Good-Bye Sweet Darkness, this is the fair well and the end of you

"Good-Bye Sweet Darkness"

By G.A.M "wordspruer"

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RPT40 commented on Good-Bye Sweet Darkness


The darkened future becomes brighter with each passing day. Excellent poem



I am glad that you have took the time out to read my work... I will check some of yours out and give you my veiws on your thoughts... Wordspruer...

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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