Goodbye and a Smile


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    Poem Commentary

    This is to my oldest daughter. The one person I believe when she smiles the whole world lights up.

    Goodbye and a Smile

    She was born in the middle of the night,
    She was the most beautiful sight,
    I believe she was heaven sent,
    She stole my heart in a moment,
    I loved her more than words can say,
    I think about her everyday,
    It was the hardest thing to say goodbye,
    It made me blue and cry,
    However, I heard about her smile,
    And knew all we had been through was worth while.

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    BlackButterfly1 commented on Goodbye and a Smile


    How sad. I don't have children so I can't even imagine but a touching write nonetheless.

    fli238 commented on Goodbye and a Smile


    good but very sad...but that is why we write to tell others of what we truly feel...So that they may feel too

    kyma63 commented on Goodbye and a Smile


    I can relate to what you feel being a mother of 3 grown daughters and 9 grandchildren. I wrote a poem dedicated to my 10 yrs old grandson, whom I've raised since his birth and I am his legal guardian. I've went through my daughters leaving the nest, somehow I know when his time comes to be leave it'll be much more dificult than my daughters. I'm a widow of over 11 yrs now. He came into my life when I needed a reason and purpose to live. I was there when he was born, I watched him enter this world. I know very well what you feel for your daughter. kyma63

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