Goodbye my love


Goodbye my love

RENE, Why did you have to leave this place, it makes no sense
I feel helpless
I have a river of tears to cry
My heart just aches inside
It's like being sick, but there's no cure
No remedy to ease the pain
Lord, please forgive me for not taking care of your son
Sometimes I did him wrong, but I guess under the circumstances he hurt me too.
I think all he needed was you
He just didn't trust you enough to take the pain away
Rene, Life ain't the same with out you
I miss you making me laugh
the impressions you would do, you were great
I miss how you would kiss me and call me "MAMI"
Why did you never listen to me?
I wanted to make you happy
Maybe I just never let you be.
Sometimes I feel like it is all my fault
Rene, please forgive me, I just wanted us to be a family
You were always there for me
You taught me a lot,
You contributed to the person I am today
With you I became a woman and I love to say
Without you I would not know some of the things that are instilled into my brain
I loved the nights we spent together watching your love faces
Your the reason my heart races
I miss the way you would make love to me night after night
I miss your beautiful brown eyes
I need you like the mountains need the snow so the creeks can over flow
I need not say no more
If I could have just a minute with you
I would treasure every second
and kiss you from head to toe
In that minute you would know
just how much I love you....

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Marsink commented on Goodbye my love


Quite the fawning of devotion. Very raw and unpretentious and beautifully sad. Thanks for bareing your emotions to help the reader understand who you are ( a little) Great write!



writing helped me not to fall into the pits of depression... Thank you..

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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