Harmony of Disgust


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    Hint:  It is about one of my passions, a specific genre, my interpretations of it, and appreciation for it.

    Harmony of Disgust

    There is calm in this chaos.
    When most find madness,
    I find sanity,
    I find beauty.

    The madness is layered,
    rich in complex tones as
    they organize to paint
    the most vivid images.

    Sounds telling stories
    aided by the voice
    of your destruction
    and possible ressurection.

    Aimed to fall the delusion.
    To tear the walls off this illusion.
    Making the experience what it is,
    not just another part of the biz.

    Discard their formula
    which equals surefire sucess.
    No matter what variable thrown in,
    recycled over and over.

    Suffocate the smothering mediocrity
    that sets the bar of what we ought to be.
    Embrace this art form
    and fuck the money!

    It leads to that template
    which degrades us
    spits on us
    and ends in money lust.

    Intentions of meaning
    are present in the chaos
    which climbs against the gradient
    of your pretty little world.

    It takes the sound of disgust
    and the essence of evil
    woven into the sound of delight
    and the form of divine being

    All for the experience of transcending
    notions of good and evil
    and creating the uniqueness
    which was there all along
    in all happenings.

    Most just can't see it...
    Senses too dull.

    Copyright 2009 Vince Decker

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    bandgeek commented on Harmony of Disgust


    wow. i liked that alot aree with the money not needing to be everything, and standards being too low. lol i could do without the profanity though! overall it was good. i like the way you think.

    susanismith commented on Harmony of Disgust


    Government is the downfall of our existence the greed of our society, the power they believe they have over us...the control they enjoy having over our lives and our mouths...the voice of reason has been thrown out the window...as long as people fear and keep quiet...they believe they have everything...Money is just a man's thing...without it...their would be no control or fightning...I enjoyed this deep intellect...the modest in your writing but yet a hint of bluntness...nonoffensive and gets to the point...Thanks for the great read!



    thank you, you fully understand why death/prog metal is my fav. they are of the few genres anymore that put their message and expert musicianship ahead of the easy way all sell out radio tools go. there are few exceptions, in my opinion.

    Tempestlady commented on Harmony of Disgust


    I can relate to the deep seated anger and frustration of our current societal condition. On a very personal level I might add. Menal masturbation is very addictive, and stems from lack of challenge and or call to duty. Loved it! Write on...



    lol man that was a curve ball! but yes, you understood why i love death/progressive metal music (thats what the poem is about).

    devaamido commented on Harmony of Disgust


    Yep! And it all begins with honesty & personal integrity... but at the same time, there's a price to pay. In paying that price, one becomes stronger if you don't fold & if your work survives. That's another chance you take...but it's worth it! Good luck!!



    it is indeed sir! we need that friction in life to progress. it is the ultimate test.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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