Him She Does Not Forget


  • Flame

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    You know who you are, the flicker of the flame

    Him She Does Not Forget

    Him she does not forget

    She knows his light

    Thats why she does what she wills

    She it is who receives his caress

    Within her mind and soul

    Few moments ever pass

    Where he is not in her horizon

    For she cannot take mind and heart from him

    Somehow she knows

    The depths that he keeps hidden below

    He struggles somehow in pain

    Striking out at loves cruelty

    Yet she tends the fire of him within

    She braves the storms of his intensities

    Turning neither to the right or the left

    She gently tends to his soul

    From deep within she rises near him

    Unmistaken she hears him question

    Life and all of its burden

    He gifts her with his essence

    A million seconds a day

    She knows he values her

    Rarely does she run from his contemplation

    Does he know how it is that he is in her soul

    The reasons she loves him completely

    It is because of him

    His ways remain not hidden really

    To the loving that grows in her

    It is because she sees that which is in him

    No matter the manner of dress he briefly assumes

    Deep respect continues to form

    He is the gentlest movement below her breast

    That throbs like love which beats with heart

    Painful at times in throbbing with ache

    Yet she wills herself to receive

    More of his naturalness as it is released

    Unannounced the river is not yet free

    To flow unhindered by boulders sadness

    This too she receives as due

    For she sees them whole

    With no need to tend the wounds of old

    Yet that may be a little while yet to come

    For deeply they drank of life

    Life with its troubles and drowning dreams

    Still they move towards inner wholeness

    Neither willing to leave

    This love behind that pushes deeper into integrity

    Of mercy and compassion to rise together anew

    This is not about fantasies that do not come true

    This is about me and you

    Two spirits of strong will

    Two who know much

    About life and its return 

    This is how I see you

    I see you whole



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    1BlackPope commented on Him She Does Not Forget


    I can feel your emotion and heart beating whilst writing this....The strength of commitment and convictions and ....life is truly an uphill climb and the harder you try the harder it gets....a quote from one of my other poems and it's true. Love can cause such pain and heartache...but true love can cure all aches and pains....and your commitment to same needs to be COMPLETE...



    Complete yes, no doubt, however I believe that we never fully master the art of love for upon each level there is another higher level and of course more responsibility to use it rightly. So, onward into completion for in that can be no loss for each level of achievement is eternal.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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