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    Hmmm...... Hmmmm..... Hmmm..... Hmmmm.....

    Truth and regret, Anger and memories we cant forget..
    The knives of life that we live of pain others give,
    Here we are feeling so bad, we want to take our last breath,
    But all it boils down to is a failing test we can't re-take,
    Because we care no longer that our hearts break and we have no friends...
    All we want is for this torture to end, so a new life can begin,
    Where we aren't shadowed by the anger of sin,
    And all the bad the devil brings in..
    Constant thoughts of what we need and want, but can't have...
    Always in the midst of the past where the present pushes it's way right in,
    The future is bound by the past & the present that weighs us down... 

    Hmmm....... Hmmmm....... Hmmm....... Hmmm...... 

    The Memories that go round and round, and the hurt that keeps us down,
    We are constantly fighting evil enemies that keeps us glued to the ground,
    As soon as we recover and get back up, they knock us down again,
    Round & Round, every day is a wrestling tournament...
    Between love & hate, Anger & Regret, Happiness & Joy, family & friends,
    All hope is lost and prayer is scarce and faith keeps knocking at the door,
    "Answer the door, Let me in", God says,
    But we can't deal with this no more...
    We are drained dry of all the good inside our body's,
    To wanna strive forth and have the strength to succeed & ability to acheive,
    All God wants is for us to relax and be happy,
    He say's, "Hand your problems over to me & I will fix it, release & be free",

    Hmmm....... Hmmmm...... Hmmm....... Hmmmm.....

    It sounds so easy to just listen and keep things simple, Doesn't it?
    I don't know about you, but what is easy always turns into complication...
    We tend to turn things into what the aren't,
    And make them harder then they need to be, Because it seems so easy...
    When all along we just need to follow our hearts & stay at ease,
    And keep our defences strong while we try to ignore all the wrong,
    Because God is here to help in our time of need & forgive us for our sins,
    Even when we cant forgive ourselves & don't hang onto Gods helping hand,
    And even when we don't feel like we deserve to be forgiven,
    He is here through thick & thin and always welcome's us in...

    Hmmm..... Hmmmm...... Hmmm..... Hmmmm........

    Listen to your heart and follow the footsteps,
    Let God come in and stay, He'll be a good house guest; I promise!
    Whatever it may be and no matter how wrong it seems; God will forgive,
    The reason why, is because he loves you & me & he knows our every wish..
    Forget the devil & the voices he sneaks inside our heads,
    Chase him way & take a long deep breath, because God is with us!!!

    Hmmmm....... Hmmm...... Hmmmm....... Hmmmm......!

    Tell God, your family & friends that you Love them,
    Never let them forget it! Make sure they know you love them for them,
    And let them know you appreciate & respect who they are & what they do,
    Because you never know when your journey on earth is through...


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    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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