Hold Me In Your Arms


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    Hold Me In Your Arms

    Hold me in your arms
    Wisper softly in my ear
    Let my heart feel the sound
    While my soul sheds a tear

    Keep me in your warm embrace
    Take away the cares and tears
    Stay beside me while I rest
    Comfort all my fears

    I will hold you in my arms
    Softly tell you, you are mine
    Give you all you ever need
    Share a life devine

    Open up the path to you
    Let hope and love come in
    Be ever mindful of the love
    That come from deep within

    My heart and soul I give to you
    Nothing will be held back
    Abundantly the love doth flow
    There is nothing you will lack

    Hold me in your loving arms
    As I hold you in mine
    Truer devotion could not be found
    When love like this will bind


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    gogant commented on Hold Me In Your Arms


    Ahh, so very sweet is the scent of love...and all who cherish it so. Beautiful poem, my friend.........................................gogant

    countrypoet commented on Hold Me In Your Arms


    No truer dedication can a person experience than the words of their soulmate as reflected in this beautiful,well written and inspiring poem.I hope to someday share this kind of love with my one true love. Terry



    This was written for one I love as you can tell. I believe love must be total devotion.

    dahlusion commented on Hold Me In Your Arms


    "My heart and soul I give to you Nothing will be held back"— this is a perfect lovers' vow. A beautiful write!



    Thanks Dah!!

    redbloodink commented on Hold Me In Your Arms


    nice Purple............. I truly liked this poem......... Red

    PoetWithCancer commented on Hold Me In Your Arms


    Good rhythm, good rhyme, good diction, beautiful images. Great love poem. What I would not give to be as lucky as the guy you wrote this lovely love poem for! I rate this poem 10.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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