Hollow Nights


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    • Meldarth
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    Hollow Nights

    the fighting begins,
    incermountable army stands before us,
    only a few stand their ground,

    beloved; standing side by side,
    with wicked grin,
    this should be fun,

    repelling the attack the best we can,
    each defender falling,
    one by one,

    until its just us left,
    standing back to back,
    hands slips down for a moment,

    follows "I love you honey,"
    you slyly reply, "of course you do,"

    the real battle begins,
    or so we thought,
    shredding the enemy,

    until numbers just too great,
    a dark shadow aproaches,
    catching me from behind,

    the darkness rips through my soul,
    ripping part out,
    as you are torn from my side,

    my scream ripple through the world,
    causing most to pause,
    in that moment,

    struggling to fight,
    panic in your eyes,
    your head shaking,

    hearing your voice,
    clear in my heart,
    "now is not the time,"

    my will steeled,
    continuing to rise,
    I will fight to the end,

    over whelming numbers,
    finally surcome,

    the death blow,
    readily thrown,
    a deep grumbling stops it,

    mere moments from final breath,
    "this one will live,
    in living with suffering as no man has suffered before,"

    wild eyes struggling,
    bound tightly,
    collar placed around our necks,

    our eyes meet,
    say all that need to be said,
    "someday love, but not now,"

    your beautiful voice hangs in the air,
    for all to behold,
    "Find me again;

    in another place,
    you shall find our love,
    truely unbreakable,"

    growls come again,
    "oh you shall break my pretty,
    you won't enjoy a moment of it,"

    struggling to find my feet,
    untapped strength begins to surge,
    charging through,

    almost there,
    I can almost feel your warmth,
    then darkness,

    nothing but cruel mistress's embrace,
    dragging me down into her chamber,
    the true nightmare now begins;

    maddness starts to set in,
    one form or another,
    yet in dreams we steal our moments,

    for that is only place they can't reach,
    kisses are real enough,
    as we hold each other,

    dawn's light aproaches,
    another day of torture,
    one last kiss,

    "see you again my love tonight,
    do not break,
    for this is just a moment,

    many lifetimes for us to come,
    together you and I will share,
    with my life comes strength,"

    eyes open,
    to see misery around,
    facing the day with a smile,

    secret safe,
    guarded deeply within both our hearts,
    these chains will not hold us forever.

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    Tinytree commented on Hollow Nights


    Awesome!!! I so believe in finding each other again in another life. what a great story! Thank you. I enjoy your writing so much.

    crimsondragon commented on Hollow Nights



    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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