How Do We Change This


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I want to give thanks to the men and women who are doing what they can to keep our country free... And wish them to come back home safely... Wordspruer

How Do We Change This

How can we change this
Everyone seems to forget that we are last on the list
We act like we don't have voices to speak
We the people should try to get answers stop being weak

How can we change this
We need to realize that there is truly a problem that exsist
Stop ignoring our needs to and become strong
We got to stand up and be counted before too long

Why are we spending money on wars that isn't even ours
While our children are being slighted, which is reducing our powers by the hours

How do we change this
It won't make us selfish to ask to be first would be a reasonable twist
We gave enough to our country in what we thought was right
Now it is time to bring an end to this fight

How can we change this , I'll have to say
We need to all sit down and find a better way
To start by lying down our weapons, and lending a ear
Finding out what would reduce everyones worries and fears

How can we change this, By stop having certain individuals to make choices for us
I am talking of all sides, to start being able to give in and trust
I am a believer that there solution to all problems that will arise
If we just stop making excuse for war with a hidden disguise

I think that this is how we can change this
Contact our leaders , President, Senate and Congressman , give reason to resist
Spending our money on things that we need other than lies
Bring back the right to the people, as well as pride in our eyes

"How Can We Change This"


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RPT40 commented on How Do We Change This


This is a very well written piece. I look at this situation like driving fast on ice. As much as we want this to stop, we can't just slam on the brakes and expect to come to a safe conclusion. If it were that easy, it would be done already. There is a way out of everything, and we need to find the correct way out of this. Once again, great write!



Thank you for your comments... I try to give the inner thoughts to rel life situations... As you say, if it were to be settled that easy then we would be mining our own business and working on our own economy... For too many cooks can spoil the broth... They say there will be an end to our world soon... Only be cause we will cause this... By us being so involved in competative, domenation, and collaberation on the wrong things... Thanks again...Wordspruer...

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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