How Do You Pretend?


How Do You Pretend?

How Do You Pretend?

Shanice Marie


How do you pretend?

To not care

To not show that the love still exist

And from day one it was lust

To 365 and then some wandering were we really stood?

Can time alone heal the open scar?

Or do denial has to come into play for you

To realize you need to open your eyes

To understand

During the season you was lesson in his life

And though love has no limits

You still try hard for a flame that’s

Been gone months ago

How do you pretend?

To be happy for them

On future reference

When you sacrifice so much

For so little in emotional return

Where do you go?

To run away from the pain

How do you hide the tears?


Does this damn cut bleed continuously?

Yet, no pain

No pressure apply

No tears, just fear to go through this again

It was all good to be true

You cheated and I deceived

Yet I forgave you

Forgave quicker than a drop of a dime

And you left me falling

When it’s cold outside

You left me there

How do you pretend?

How do you pretend?

When emotional play harder than the physical

These games of loves

Love for the games

Battles of war

But, you never know who will surrender to the love

I don’t want you now

This is not pretend

A lesson misunderstood

A season well done

And a lifetime to grow

So, why do I pretend?


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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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