How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine


  • alexan
  • life is not a dream, people would say. I confused my reality with my dreams. Isan't that a bad thing? I don't really think so because deja vu really happens, its true

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This is how my life really is, except I didn't mention how my father treats me like a half slave and a daughter. And I wonder if he knows how I feel. My mother told him many times. But that doesn't matter because my mother and father are like that and they had eally bad child hood. My aunt had a bad teenage hood really. You don't wanna know. Well my name is brook Rose and I luv Peotry bye!!!!!

How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine

When I sit in my house
You can here the moans next door
When I'm outside
The smokes blow smoke in my face
I cough, clutching my stomach

The thugs and gangsters are always staring at me from behind
Talking about me

The rapist and murders, threatening to kill me or rape me
I feel scared and nervous

All the hookers and strippers are fronting
'Cause of the way I look
I bet they were jealous
But it hurts to be in a neighborhood like this

My mother tries to cheer me up about all of in
But the next day I see them do the same

Trying so hard to tease me, kill me, trying to get my virginity, trying hard to give me drugs and threatening me

It just hurts so bad to be around people that hurt you so much

It hurts so much to be threatened to kill yourself or even be tricked to being kidnapped then killed after

I wonder if the people out there realize what they do to other innocent people that do nothing to hurt them

I wonder if they know how much it hurts people

I wonder if they do it on purpose
I wonder if they're just doing it to get revenge on people that hurt them badly too

All I wonder is if they know that it hurts..........

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optimistic commented on How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine


Outstanding piece pain well related to In time thing will change for the better in many. I like the sad poem smooth running across the page you have talent keep writing.



thanx dude, same for u*wink*

Phoenix9 commented on How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine


keep strong and have faith, fight the pain and dont let it change you, even though you are there, your writing is your freedom and your healing,



thanx, thats really touching... *teary eyes* THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

MOMofTWINS commented on How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine


This is a very powerful poem. Your a strong person to be able to show how much the careless acts of others hurt you. Very admirable, hon.



showin much luv for u and ur comment, i respect you

Chaos128 commented on How It Feels To Be In A Neighborhood Like Mine


Alexan, this is a tough tale you tell. But if you can bring yourself believe... I mean truly believe... that you are a unique soul destined for great things, and can assure yourself that you have the limitless power to rise above your circumstances, and that no limits can hold you, I think you will see yourself take on a whole new outlook, and eventually nothing will be able to hold you back. The first thing you've got to tell yourself is: I am BETTER than the things that try to hold me down!



Thank you vey much... I aprciate that you suport my feelings... Thnak you for helping me on my future... Names Brookie by the way * winks in a playful way*

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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