How things change in a moment.....


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a colorful rant about things that consume my mind at may not follow the train of thought, but because I do, it is a fruitive thought nonetheless...enjoy it or not, for it is what it is....

How things change in a moment.....

Unbelievable the mind of people, so conditional
in actions, as evil intent conquers, imagine.

The smallest things in life with considerate breaths
I venture impulsive to act in its stead.
A sea of red flushing my sight in mind’s eyes
but unconditionally with true intent I fly.

One's thoughts, controlled, what's the reason for most?
To toast to one's friendship, rejection in turncoats.
They boast, with gross anatomy to flare red
One day to dread their actions to the dead, instead
in living the life of subtlety
the thin line crossed, no need of empathy
sadness in uplifting casualties to change
one's perceptions of friend, though deranged.
Within range of truth, passion, understanding
is thought that is hard for some to ignore it.

Unbelievable the mind of people so casual, in breaking
honor in cadence, by surpassing, means of rational vices, just imagine.

Because my mistrust in a world of rust,
my mind's plastic flexibility can't be labeled as such.
I lack the crutch of conformity.
I am my own country.
With emotion I can see with autistic melodies.
In response to the ones so loved from above,
so weary of the fact that they paint the dove
in innocence, common sense, reticence, and patience
I foresee a future of one's thought elated.

Part II
Second nature of an epic endeavor, poetry
with visual words for enigmas steadily.
A conscious approach to the coach of life
inside hides twice the ability to rise
Compromise, not lost in your selfish ways
a crazed imagination unfazed to fault days.
Security I praise openly my eyes lay
amazed in a thought that this world penetrated.
Lost in mute space my own is refreshing
depressing is the nature of mind's so relenting.
My soul stands at attention as it reads the hearts of men in suspicion
my manner of speaking
a matter of breaching psyche delivering
crude and unusual passion forsaken.
Tic tock, tick tock, goes Gabriel’s watch
in watch of the servant of God, death, he mocks.
The flock of wolves so covered in sheep’s skin
the lie sheds the fur, so you are bare to the sin.
I contend to intend to love and befriend
the kindred spirits lying south of the heavens.
So difficult this feat, metaphor so unique
I battle in a war of spirits that compete.

Part III
In tryst I resist tempting false monoliths
that try to foresee belief in retentive fashion.
Let’s imagine once more in scores of good and evil
there is no rulers of the world as they try to convince you
that life is lost without pause of cause,
but truth be known the greatest evil is yours.
The Jinn, demons, devils, human beings
all make one in the same, look and listen.
Mind, body, and soul are the keys,
to realize the gateway beyond what you see.
I breathe heavily in silent thoughts
the support from my peers is naught but talk.
Actions in fractions can dissipate in rations
the whole of my circle, I'm of few enlightened;
the only pure soul with intentions of old
to grow amongst the stars in vivid suppose.
Who knows what truth is? What is the root?
With the mind and snarled tooth one's colors are you,
my scintillating hue out grew the few
as their tryst becomes two then sole so rue.
Where is the flexibility in moment to moment
the change so astounding or lack there of.
When the heart leaks, debauchery fills the spirit
some of good intention, others dark reluctance.
I know one thing, one thing that survives time
from freewill to choice, intrinsically you can't deny.

Changes in a moment one thought, second nature, in tryst of your endeavors you are what you color.

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1990lh commented on How things change in a moment.....


wow i was just about to comment but now i thk i wanna write my own poem. yay your poem just gave me an idea, ty btw this was great. ok must go now b4 i lose it.ty again

SuperChick76 commented on How things change in a moment.....


So true! I couldn't have said it better, and I have tried. Brilliantly expressed. I truly loved the read. Added to my favorites. :)



BTW, I love the picture



prodigy, this poem was written when my spirits were at their lowest, I just felt so alone and helpless to the fact. glad it made your faves, this is favored love

QueenotheKnight commented on How things change in a moment.....


this is definitely thought provoking in many aspects... I do have to say that sometimes everything changes suddenly and it is an upheaval, but in terms of the flow of life it is usually followed by a settling that is almost always for the better... I'm gonna be thinkin' about this one for a while for sure so ya know it's goin' straight to my fav's too! ~Nic ;)



You know what you are exactly right nicole, it usually does...but damn the journey is not favored too often along the way. Thanks for visiting, and it is a honor that not only two great poets faved this one, but they are a couple also haha...thanks again

knight4696 commented on How things change in a moment.....


Altair!!!!! Damn! THis is straight to faves - you had my mind racing in all directions in all 3 parts... This is Sooooo Deep and contains so many valid and thought provoking lines! Quite the epic endeavor indeed my friend! Awesome job! 10+++ and straight to faves! :) Ken



Thanks ken, I am glad you liked it, I wasn't exactly sure if it would be well accepted but to see that you appreciate its colorful wording is are a true poet that appreciates the moniker that resides in expressions.Thanks my friend

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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