I Awoke Dead


I Awoke Dead

I awoke this day
Only to find that
During my sleep
I died

I don’t remember;
Dying; that is
Things just happen
I guess

Quite feel; well
Dead I spoze
Course then I
Ain’t never died before
So I ain’t quite sure how
Bein dead is spoze
To feel
But dead is what
I am

I use
To magine it would be, well;
Winter-time cold
Being dead that is
Or hell[fire hot
Specially for us
With nefarious histories and
Shady pasts

Yet my death
Seems to be cloaked
In the cellophane of
Emptiness, darkness and numbness
All blending effortlessly
Into the morass of
Broken dreams and
Self-told lies

For Death is
The nothingness of life
Scratched into the “Chalkboard” of time
With broken finger nails and
“Bleeding-mascara” eyes
That stare in empty disbelief at the Promise of Heaven
Bellowed by the Sirens that rage from within
Each shattered mind.

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dancinghawk commented on I Awoke Dead


like your rhythm and your exploration ... "winter-time cold / ... / Or hellfire hot" ... and "the cellophane of / Emptiness" ... wow, what a powerful image that is ... digging deep ... thx for posting!

susanismith commented on I Awoke Dead


Your vocabulary is amazing and the metaphors spetacular...you give image to words so people can see and sense not just read them. "For Death is The nothingness of life Scratched into the “Chalkboard” of time"...loved that line along with the bleeding mascara (mournful)...Great Job.

Sophialaurenea commented on I Awoke Dead


WHAT LOVE MEANS TO ME What love means to me are people letting me be me. Love is listening quietly and carefully. Love never dies. Love means sharing your apple pie. You must be patient and kind. Please, Let's have a conversation while we dine. Love is being supportive and always being on time. Love means giving your last dime. Love enhances. It gives chances. Love recants. Love enchants. You can make your own glove, but this is my definition of love. Boy! I have given you a break from my poems. Today, I will start telling Mrs. Catherine Alvarze personal business that she entrusted me to keep. Unlike her I will not add negative comment or lies. Mrs. Alvarze first told me that she was rape by her ex-boyfriend named, Harlod . Since I witness a rape and murder; when I was four; I truly empathized with Cathy. We became best sister friends. I treated her with my food stamps and so did she. She brought me roller blades, CD player, CD'S, hygene stuff. I used her email to help out with the twenty job searches that she needed for her welfare. It was a good friendship I assumed foolishly because slowly, surely I began not trusting Cathy. And I informed of her of my feelings. When I found toe nails under my clothes that was under my mattress at MSC South shelter. I distance myself from Cathy since Simone stated "Maybe Cathy did it as a joke." Shortly after, I discovered that Cathy told my personal business to all the female clients, staff at MSC, staff at St. Anthony and staff at Glide. She told them I was spiritual gifted. She made fun of me saying I was crazy, evil and a fraud. Then, she accused me of changing her password to her email. She accused me of stealing her credit card. She accuse me on looking on the computer to get her social security #. Now, I notice a pattern with Mrs. Alvarez she framed Harlod for rape. He is doing patrole because of her lies. She is trying to do the same to me. She can't handle people's rejection.



I can understand your pain; but what has this to do with mypoem? This site is for those who write and/or read poetry; not for this diatribe. If you simply need to vent; there are sites just for that. If you are using this site to ruin someone's supposed misdeeds; again, there are better sites than this. I do understand your pain; I do empathize with you; however, I would say to release it, move on; I am sure that "they" have. PEACE Justin

lightcourier commented on I Awoke Dead


A little too strongly moralistic at the end for my tastes but I do like your writing

ivecute77 commented on I Awoke Dead



To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)


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