I do the tiny little extra things.


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How I feel at the end of my work day is tired, but fufilled with the knowledge tha.t I may have helped even just one small tiny request

I do the tiny little extra things.

As I go about my daily work,
I take the time to listen for the smallest note.
As I am cleaning and sweeping the hospital floor,
I keep one ear tuned to each door.
Some doors hold only quiet things.

At times I hear anguish and pain.
No two doors are ever the same.
Some cry out, without knowing why.
These people, it's sad for they know not where they are.
They don't remember how they came to be,
In a strange room and in a bed with railings.
How can others sleep with their constant wailing?

It's the tiny small voices that grab my ear.
The meek little cries of "Nurse, can you hear me?"
The nurses are running from room to room.
They cant hear that small little voice,
chanting nurse, nurse, nurse, nurse.

That is when I hear the call,
not from the room, but from deep within.
I know this poor soul may just need a little thing.
I ask "Honey, can I help you with something?"
"I'm not a nurse, but is there is a something I can do?"

A pillow, a blanket or something just out of reach.
It takes only a moment to help in this small way,
but that patient is so grateful for just that small touch.
"Thank you." they say with true gratitude.
"That feels so much better, I'm grateful for your kindness."

"It's nothing," I say "It's only a small thing that I could do."
"I'm glad that there was some way that I could help you."
After I am sure that they are OK,
I smile and "Feel better." I say.

As I leave my heart feels good.
It's just the tiny things I can do,
that make me feel so good.
On I go back to the hall.
As I tune in to the sounds from the very next door.

It's the tiny things that sometimes mean the most.
I thank the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost,
That I have a job that provides me a way,
to help others if in only the tiniest ways.

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moore2moore commented on I do the tiny little extra things.


this peom took the hiding joy out of me.i am noting but a happy like boy again.the little tinest thing i can say is ;I DO THE TINY LITTLE THING.



That is very nice and much appreciated. People do appreciate the little things others do. Thanks for reading and commenting.

lucindaclaire commented on I do the tiny little extra things.


I would say you are in the right place..it is the tiny things that often matter the most. My sister is also in housekeeping in a hospital. Sometimes nurses do not have the time for simple comfort measures,and your job is so important. more important than you will ever know. god is smiling down on you.



I always pray on the way to the hospital that God will place me where I need to be. Thank you. I know he walks with me

TimG commented on I do the tiny little extra things.


BRAVO ! Sometimes the tiniest of things mean the world to somebody ! You may be just somebody to the world..but little things like this mean you are the world to somebody !!



That is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. Made me cry. Thank you my friend

Beetle726 commented on I do the tiny little extra things.


WOW! Before I even read this, I was thinking to myself that this person works in a hospital. Originally I thought you a nurse because of your deep compassion. Now reality says sometimes people behind the scenes bring the greatest relief. Good job. And by the way, do you work at Centra State?



ESP beetle? Yes I do as a matter of fact work at Centra State! Read the reply to N9ne it is fitting for you too.

n9ne commented on I do the tiny little extra things.


Very nice... i happen to work in a hospital as a P.C.A/ Jr. Nurse... So, i feel this poem all the way... Very clear and accurate visual... Good Work



I volunteered as a patient rep for well over a year. I really enjoyed it, and felt right doing that. Unfortunately it wasn't paying the mortgage. I hope to change my job to a more patient hands on thing after 6 months. Thanks for your comment.

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