I emit my lah...


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    The last of my three part series...

    I emit my lah...

    Oblivious to my rented surroundings, I'm thought struck
    my mind travels in spacious metaphors of smoke
    intertwined as such elope is euphoric I hoped
    tragedy is true loss of your moments in parted seas
    The smoke, the lah cloud so telling in secrecy
    my ears are deafening, can't hear your alchemy
    soft in pleasantry, mystic vapors
    float to daemonic lands and show me a picture
    richer and richer, thicker and thicker, eyes wide shut to your latent endeavor
    one day, ill past between the levels of smoke in a drastic circumstance of purple lotuses
    what a sight to envision your soul in transition
    smoke fills the air, so shared as the eyes glare
    I'm chasing perfect circles that contort in despair
    thanks to all my readers that got this far
    a small gesture to the whole in this epic of lah
    ha ha, let me stop and levitate like that gray cloud
    protruding like spore-fungus budding in the wild
    In slick metaphors the cloud enters me
    filling with daemonic intent destroys me
    creating natural newness beyond me
    causing a cataclysm of mindful oddities
    Or insightful follies through the smoke ideology
    tamed are most spirits unknowing of one's soul
    creeping and crawling through life so gall
    watch the perception fall when the smoke is beckoned
    I leave on this note, just cherish my insurrection.

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    SuperChick76 commented on I emit my lah...


    A masterfully constructed poem. I enjoyed the feel of talking to the reader and not just expressing the emotives possessed to write such a story. Good write, my friend. :)



    Thanks prodigy, always a pleasure to see you grace my pages

    knight4696 commented on I emit my lah...


    Hey Altair! Nice write my friend! I got a kick out of the following lines; thanks to all my readers that got this far -- a small gesture to the whole in this epic of lah -- ha ha, let me stop and levitate like that gray cloud -- protruding like spore-fungus budding in the wild. Oh c'mon this wasn't that epic! lol! I remember reading short novels from you! lol! Nice Job! :) Ken



    LOL, ken you crack me up, but it was the third of three poems, i was talking as a whole..thanks for commenting man, you always bring the smiles..

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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