• Life

    I GIVE UP!!!!

    I am giving up, I have had enuf!
    I say this, but is it possible
    to actually do it?
    Some days I can get on here
    and the words come to me so clear.
    All I ask for is a chance?
    A chance to prove my needs that I can
    Not that I can't?
    It's time I struggle and just Give up!
    I need a job, A home, A vehicle and a life!
    I am sick of getting stabbed in the back with a knife!
    I feel the pain from the blade everyday!
    And everyday my life gets worse in everyway!
    It's time I get a break, don't you think?
    It's give and take and it's my time to take!
    I give and give and give and I don't even need a drink!
    I just need a fucking job and carreer
    and a life!
    Maybe it is time I start doing drugs
    and drinking beer? 
    I have been pissed off for so long
    I can't even cry any tears...
    I try to stay calm by listening to songs
    But everyday I live, It's wrong!
    So if I give up maybe I could look up...
    I know the Lord's in control,
    But I really wish he would let me go!
    If I died, no more wondering why or
    having to try or dealing with lying cheating guys!
    I'm  already all alone, so why won't he just send me home?
    It's the devil trying to get me to kill myself,
    He don't know I'm already in a living Hell!
    There's no way I will let him get the best!
    Maybe it's all a nightmare, a dream
    or a test? 
    I say I will give up and yeah
    But God has kept me here and it's time

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    utah commented on I GIVE UP!!!!


    this too shall pass i've been there with my baby boy all alone didnt know a soul but i found my way you are strong you have made it this far belive in you god gave you all you needed to live cause you are alive your a solder and the power within you will win many wars

    LindasLife commented on I GIVE UP!!!!


    I feel your pain,my tears flow as I read your poems.I have been there.I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain..I just want you to know your name should not be worthless,for you are worth more than you even know.I think you should change your name to wonderful,and that is how I will see you.Wonderful is down on her luck,evil all around her,no place to turn but she can always look up.The problems may still be there,at least for a while but when we look up,God makes everything easier to deal with. You are in my prayers sweetheart. God is and will always be there beside you. It's a beautiful heartfelt poem that so many are going through or have gone through.Never give up Wonderful,for your day is coming...Thank you for sharing your heart with us all.If you need someone to talk to,send me a private message & I will get back to you..........Love your friend in Texas.

    seArchiNGEL commented on I GIVE UP!!!!


    I know how you feel, I have been there so many times before. And you are right , it is the devil making you feel that way, but you need to stay strong and know that God takes great pride in you staying on his side, no matter how bad things get, they could always be worse. And killing yourself will get you nowhere. Life is a journey for us to learn, teach, experience and LIVE!!! What kind of career are you interested in? If you have not been unemployed long enough to qualify for financial aid, there are probably other places that will help you pay for school, if not pay for it all. You just might have to do some extra work to get their support. I don't know about Michigan, but I know there are quite a few places in Portland that I have gone to. The Employment office is one, even though I got fired, they were still willing to pay for me to become a pharmacy tech~as long as I didn't make over a certain amount of money the whole time I was going to school. Another community service paid for me to take a class to become a certified Medication Aide...it's worth it to at least check it out.

    Aioka commented on I GIVE UP!!!!


    I bet that a lot of persons feel exactly like this. The words are very inspiring. Personally it makes me feel that there is someone else that is always going through what i might be going through or worst and that i should never give up... i enjoyed every word.....

    JoannaMorningst commented on I GIVE UP!!!!


    Your poem is so real to what many feel...i pray each day for things to get better for everyone in every way...have a good day friend...

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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