i hate you father


  • Hate?

    i hate you father

    from the day of my birth
    to the day that i die
    you will always make me bleed and cry
    i hate you you!!
    from all of this rage
    you rip out the page!
    from the book of my life
    by the reapers sythe
    ill end all of this strife
    now i know ill burn for this
    for the demons kiss
    has turn love to hate
    and the most worst fate
    im no longer your son
    my pain is done
    my revenge has just begone!
     all of this hate
    you shall share my fate
    im burning in hell
    as the angels have fell.-clous

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    brokenwings25 commented on i hate you father


    Well done you truly make others understand your pain and anger. Keep writing you are very gifted!

    bookworms4 commented on i hate you father


    For a poem, you did a great job getting your message and emotions across. re: your line: " my revenge has just begone!" No need for you to become like him, because you are clearly not like him. I hope at your age, you've walked away from him. Love and hate are not so very different emotions, are they? peace.

    photochick commented on i hate you father


    love this i feel all your emotions that hate is so strong you can tell the struggle between you and your father great job keep writing

    NightAngel9667 commented on i hate you father


    truely you are gifted in the passion you put behind your words,most pain between a child and parent is left unsaid,its good that you get it out.

    Dreamcatcher commented on i hate you father


    I loved it, I saw the hate, felt it. Shit even smelled it everything went smoothly keep write. Good job

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