I hate you


I hate you

I Hate You.
Do you know why?
I hate you because
You make me cry.
I hate you because
You always lie.
I hate you for loving me,
Even if that was true.
I hate you because
I don't know that you were honest.
Can I even trust your intentions?
I hate you because
You look at a me as a sex toy.
All that matters to you
Is that I am pretty.
I hate you because you don't look deeper,
because you are superficial and a jerk,
Now that I think about it,
It will NEVER work.
Everything I thought you were
Is everything you are not.
You are not my knight in shining armor,
I am not your cinderella.
You are not compassionate or caring,
You are not truthful or true to anyone.
I can't be your Monday girl,
Or call girl any time of day.
I won't be what you want from me,
I just am not that way.
So I hate you
for doing this to me,
for making me question everything you said
or ever did with me.
I don't even think friends is an option anymore
It just makes my heart more and more sore.
I don't know what to do,
So Im just gonna say,
I Hate You.

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charlee commented on I hate you


The author's tone is crisp and frank. She has been scorned and now doubts any kind of authentic love. She introduces the reader to all of the ills that have afflicted her life. Her theme of hatred is very appropriate based on the poem's content. Abuse and unrequited love is dominant in this scenario.Excellent entry.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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