i lost her


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sadly, i don't know if i will be writing under this name anymore. i wrote under this name to express my love and share my thoughts on love for the above mentiioned , Annie. she has moved on so i will probably destroy these poems and go back and write solely under my other DARKER personality, "Crush". i have no regrets because i got the chance to experience a love far greater than i thought possible. yeah, at first i wanted to die. i wanted to stop living, but, like most things, the pain has subsided just a little, but enough for me to see what else out here is still important. i fought through cancer, a friend's suicide and now lost the love of my life all within a peroid of three months. if that isn't the sign of asurvivor then i don't know what is. i will go on and be stronger. i miss her so much. i was a king when she loved loved me. i will be a king again, loving me.

i lost her


i have lost my love
she is gone from my life
taking with her so many parts and gifts
that i thought were ours

so much of what i held so dear
was clearly never here for me alone without her
she has gone away

heartbreak has a sound
but i only hear it at night
beneath the moon and it's life
within my breathe out of light
dug in deep sleepless rites

i miss her
my hands and my lips kissed her
i miss her pressed against me
embraced in thank you's and helloes
in love you's and who knows

i am made of water it turns out
and everything is wet
my body cries, upset i sweat
in this story of lost glory and adore you's.

i miss you, annie.


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cttgad commented on i lost her


Love the sincerity and truth in this write. Sometimes people are afraid to tell others of the pieces of life they stole from our souls as they left.The peices they steal may not quickly heal but that because they're absorbing the nutrients they left behind that will mature into a deep appreciation of love. Great read.. Thanks for sharing it.



thank you for your time. yeah, this was a dificult time and still is on most days :) but, ever forward.



oh, as not to confuse you with the comment...."Crush" is also "Phission". Phissiion is love poetry and the other....is something else.



No confusion here. I read in a comment before that you were thinking of changing your name back to "crush". Part of letting go of what once I suppose. Funny how we have a tendency to label ourselves throughout life. One thing I've learned is once "the label" is there its hard to remove and always has a tendency to leave remnants behind.

EyesOfRain commented on i lost her


Call me stupid, but I just realized that you are Crush!!!! This piece is so amazing. I agree with CheronId, do not give up on Phission.

cheronld commented on i lost her


I promise I'm not stalking you...lol....but I was just going through some poems with the tag of lost love.....and this was one of them....WOW...who knew.....I wouldn't stop using your alter ego at all....Love will find you another day....this was sad and had such longing....Love sometimes is what you have....when we but turn around.....She is there and I hope you find her....Cher



Thank you, Cher. YOU can stalk me ANYTIME ! Thank you for your time. It's so great how I can go about my life while at the same time pouring out my anxiety and heartache anonymously. No one knows and I have a release. Wonderful. Thanks again for reading me.



I wish I had thought of the whole....anonymous thing before I used my name....lol....it would have been better I think....but I do like the alter ego idea....thanks for the tip.....Cher

MorsetBillie commented on i lost her


this sounds so sad yet powerful. Good work hey, hop Annie can hear or see it wherever she is.



thank you

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

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