I lost my smile...


  • Happiness

    I lost my smile...

    Woke up this morning

    Couldn't find my smile

    Don't know where I lost it

    Has it been missing for awhile?


    Tried to put it back but

    lipstick didn't do the trick

    Told myself a joke...


    Not even a little bit


    Smile! Where are you?

    Why have you left my face?

    I am missing you

    You can't be replaced

    Where are you hiding?

    Why don't you come back to me?


    Don't know how I lost you

    But I miss you so desperately

    Can't live without my smile

    Wish my smile would reappear


    A knock at the door...

    I open it up and what do I see?

    It's my smile!

    Coming home to me!

    Well, welcome back smile”

    Seems you've been gone awhile”


    Please don't leave me again”

    For you are the best of me”

    So SMILE!!!




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    cutbanksam commented on I lost my smile...


    I like it especially finding your smile when answering the door. Can do without the lipstick though.

    countrypoet commented on I lost my smile...


    Very smooth rhyming on this one.A nice lighthearted and uplifting poem.Sometimes we need to think about more serious subjects but it is good to always return to our smile.



    I agree! We all need to SMILE!!!

    almartin1993 commented on I lost my smile...


    i have been missing my smile, just doesn't seem to want to come out round people, especially family. but it seems to like the ones i have never met or i am just getting to know.but soon i will find it , i am meeting family soon, but i will try to hide my face fore i dont wanna lose it again



    Hope you get it back... :)

    zorbica commented on I lost my smile...


    so glad your smile came back home ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ lovely



    Me too!!! Thankyou... :)

    dancinghawk commented on I lost my smile...


    i'm so glad you posted this here! beautiful work! -dh



    Thanks dh

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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