I Lost You


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I wrote this for an english class and it is about an event that happened in 2003, my best friend was murdered.  It follows a poem, but I can not remember which...

I Lost You

That’s the photograph of the one I lost,

She did not see what a friendship might cost.

It really is a good photograph of her,

I think you should take a closer look, sir.

It was before she had ever met him,

When you first look at her she might look slim,

But I’ll tell you this now, she was not,

I remember a time when we two fought,

For many young men would come flatter her,

Only to be turned away quick, I’m sure.

However, now and again, she’d say yes,

And that got her into an awful mess.

Turns out, this young man could not be trusted,

He did bad things and fin’lly got busted.

He came to her like all of the others,

So sweet and kind, but later he smothers

Her from family and friends and then me.

I think at one point she said, let me be,

But he kept on pushing her away from

Everything she wanted to become.

It did not matter how hard she fought him,

He kept coming back again and again,

Over and over he’d take her away

Constantly trying to get her to sway

Her position on the things he wanted to

Be to her, and all the things they would do

Together.  Finally she told him no,

He would not listen, nor would he just go

Away and leave her alone anymore.

He then turned violent and ripped and tore

Up his home and decided to try and

Get her back, to control when and where and

With whom she would be.  Later, they became

Just friends.  His violence stopped, he was tame

For the time being, but that would all change

When he realized that she rearranged

Her life and he was not a big part of

It.  He invited her over, His Love

He called her, he would not be turned away,

She refused, she wanted to leave, she stayed.

He wrapped his fingers around her white neck

And squeezed until he heard no sound.  He checked

And saw what he had done, she was no more,

She would never be what she was before.

No longer would she make anyone laugh,

Or cry, no longer would she do her craft

Of Scottish dance.  No longer would she breathe

The air she once loved.  He caused her to leave

The world before her time had truly come.

He’s still loved, but now he’s hated by some

Of us who were left behind with the pain,

And the anger, and grief, we’re in a rain

Of emotions, that never seem to end,

I’ll get him for what he did to my friend.

The silence of others won’t deter me,

It will keep me strong until dead is he.

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