I Pray You'll Be Alright


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This poem is especially put on here for a fellow poet - Jodi - this is for you and I pray you'll be alright...


I Pray You'll Be Alright

“I Pray You Will Be Alright”


I heard that you are ill –

So to God I kneeled to pray,

That a speedy recovery be given to you –

So you can be on your way.

The family is deeply worried –

Without you they feel a loss,

You keep the family balanced –

It’s like you carry their cross.

Co-workers they feel your absence –

The smile you bring to their face,

Now displays a sadder look –

Without you to cheer up the place.

Flowers and cards fill the room –

The church is down on their knees,

Seems as though the earth has stopped –

The trees don’t dance in the breeze.

I pray God will lead your doctor –

And your operation be a success,

Let all who need your healing God –

Through Jesus Christ be bless.


I pray you will be alright (James 5:13-20)


When the doctors cannot find a cure it’s then a helping hand from God comes to guide them in there surgical procedures, and sometimes without their physical assistance, a person who is pronounced dead is all the sudden breathing again, someone who was considered to be in a vegetation state of life all of the sudden begins to show signs of life.  Never give up on God even if the one you pray for passes – they are going to a God who can resurrect them in a life of new beginnings.  Amen

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mpjtforever commented on I Pray You'll Be Alright


wow I am speechless, wonderfully put. by the way thaniks for your comments and prayers. I hope this is one of the ones u wanted me to read. i enjoyed it thouroughly. you are an inspiration to my soul. thanks again. your friend jodi



This Jodi was especially posted for you - doesn't matter if anyone else read it - I posted this for your sake - I pray you'll be alright... KD

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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