I Still Need You


I Still Need You

I wrote the poems that touched your heart
Did my best to play my part
Of a friend who cared
But you weren't aware
Of these feelings that I longed to share

I spoke the words that broke your heart
Had to find a new way to start
And appologize
'Cause I recognized
The pain I caused you deep inside
I still need you by my side

I prayed to God you'd understand
I'm not perfect, I'm just a man
And I still need you
I said something that made you cry
I'm so afraid you'll say goodbye
When I still need you
I'll do everything and more, just to show you
I still need you

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EthanEdward commented on I Still Need You


I'm speachless, This is the poem that I always wanted to write to her to let her know that I love her and that I was sorry.

FadedWhyspers commented on I Still Need You


This touched me. Its all the words I can never find for that one person. Beautiful. Keep writing.

SmileyAngel138 commented on I Still Need You


sweet yet you could feel the yearning in this poem...i def enjoyed this one :-)

Tempestlady commented on I Still Need You


Love is just like a vine, it wilts away and grows some more another day. It's when it quits growing that the sorrow sours the juice. Good morning to your day in the life. Write on.....

ladywolf0816 commented on I Still Need You


WOW! I have the feeling that these words came straight from your heart. Your lady is one LUCKY lady to have someone feel this way about her. Very Very beautiful and moving words!!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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