I would


  • Love

    I would

    Why are you alone, is it by choice
    Did she break your soul, can you silence the noise
    Do you lye awake at night and think about her
    Do you regret the meaningless sex the morning after
    If she ran into your arms, would you never let her go
    Would you forget about me, and just move on
    Or is there really something between us awaiting out consent
    Could this affection we feel be so innocent
    If I told you I chose you above all other men
    Would you open up completely and let me in
    If I revealed every secret I've buried, to you
    Unburdened my soul, confided in you...
    Would you take me for granted, and toss me aside
    Or would you see the person behind the mask I hide
    Would you take me in your arms and never let me go
    Leave the heartache behind, and look forward to tomorrow
    Can you picture us on a beach, lying on a blanket
    Holding eachother, kissing, watching the sunset
    Do you lye awake at night and think about me
    Do you long to caress me, and make love to me
    If I was right there within reach of you
    Would you do all thing things you say you want to do
    I would-
    I would kiss every inch of your body
    I would love you better than anyone has ever loved you
    I would make love to you
    Real love...
    The kind where our bodies, minds, and souls would become one
    and in that moment we would feel complete,
    like nothing else in the world matters
    and I would make it last
    I would be your girl, your best friend
    The one you trust, and confide in
    I would respect you, and I would give you your space
    I'd never need to be put in my place
    I'd make love to you every morning and every night
    I'd never give you a reason to want or need to fight
    I would sing you to sleep, and bring you breakfast in the morning
    I'd never allow one moment shared with you to be dull or boring
    You would be my King and I would be your Queen
    I'd take you places you've never been
    and show you things you've never seen
    If only you'd open up and let me in
    I would love you and adore you forever
    the end

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    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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