If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


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I was watching the squrrels today......

If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be.

What joy I would feel while jumping from tree to tree.

Each branch I see would hold such possibilities.

I could climb higher if I chose that branch.

Over to the next tree would be a fun choice.

Yet again, there I see a more enticing branch

On that other much taller tree?


I have made my decision finally.

I will leap to that one with sure agility.

I steady my hind legs and ready them to go.

I launch my body right into the air.

Reach with my legs, engaging all four,

To land quite easily on my pre-picked point.


The humans I watch seem to think I’ll fall.

It is such fun to fool them all.

Just to amuse them I run straight down one tree,

I land on the ground with a rustle of leaves.

My speed and agility continue to assist me.

As I tear up the turf with my tiny little paws,

Straight up another tree I climb quite easily.


This is fun, but I can’t play all day!

For winter is quickly coming my way.

There is much work to do.

I must prepare for my winter very carefully.

My favorite Oak tree waits with my nest.


Now I must drop to the ground my carefully picked nuts.

The Humans below jump with a start,

For my nuts have fallen very close to where they stand.

Over they move to set their minds at ease.

They look at each other as if to say,

“If I didn’t know better,

I would think that darn squirrel was aiming at me.”

The next bunch of nuts I have ready to drop.

Before I let go I adjust just a tad.

I make sure that no branch will obstruct,

Their perfectly planned fall to hit the target I marked.

Away they go falling rapidly down,

To smack one silly human on the top of his crown!

“Damn, I was right! That darn squirrel was aiming at me!”

“I even think that chattering sound is him laughing at me!”


Off they run out of my way.

I am glad my plan worked,

For I have much to accomplish today!

Down to the ground I return after awhile.

I gathered my collection and stuffed my cheeks full.

Now I need to find the right spot,

To dig a secret hole and burry the whole lot.

My work is finally done for the day.

I wonder if tomorrow those humans

Will again come out to play?



If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be.

I would run, work and play with grace and perfect agility!

If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be!!!!

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earthly commented on If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


Love it!! I often think it would be nice to be some animal or bird-fun read...Earthly



I know I would raise heck. I can imagine my own antics. lol

SavVySam commented on If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


This is very cute, and I enjoyed it tremendously! We have so many squirrels and chipmunks in our yard, and they are all characters! You've captured them well in this write!



Lol Thank you. I got just a kick out of watching them that day. I was very down before I came in and wrote this. Brightened my day.

Artie commented on If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


Very cute! An excellent piece - 10 from me........



Thank you Artie. It was a very fun write.

purdylox commented on If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


that is a very interesting poem and look at a part of life that you normally wouldnt look at



Thank you. I was kind of depressed before I started watching them.

lonewolf commented on If I were a squirrel, how happy I’d be


very cute mommy. a great little story for young kids.



I felt right at home writing it so I must be young at heart.

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