If My Life Was A Song


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    If My Life Was A Song

    If my life was a song
    What would it be
    Would it be happy or sad
    Will it have meaning or nothing at all
    Would the song be my life
    For this I am not sure of
    If my life was a song
    How would it sound
    Would it have sad parts in it
    For the times my heart got broken
    For the times it got ripped out of my chest
    Onto the ground it falls
    With your foot crushing it into the ground
    For will it be happy
    For the times I loved
    For the times I felt safe
    For the time I helped others
    Showing others to forgive and forget
    It may be painful but it is the will
    Would the song leave you to cry
    For the time I thought my life was a mess
    For the times I wanted to end it all
    For the times I wanted to be alone
    To not feel no more, no love nor passion
    My song will make you happy today
    For I have a heart of gold
    Beyond my looks, only skin deep
    Can you see my heart, beating in my chest
    Here comes the tears again
    For why do I feel like I don’t belong
    What does God want me to do
    Take one day at a time
    Pick myself up and when I can’t he will
    Even though I don’t want to go on
    For I have a mission in life
    To stop the hate, show love
    For God made me who I am
    I am beautiful, loving, caring, full of feelings
    Will you let me into your life
    To show you the beauty of living
    To show you not only do you got God
    But you got me in your pocket
    Next to your heart, for I keep it warm
    For the times I will pick you up
    I might not know the true meaning of Gods thought
    But I do know he had, has a thought when he made me
    For I am, who I am, will you let me into you life
    To share the love, life and my thoughts with you
    To show you there is always more to life
    Never stop fighting, never give up
    For I have a heart of gold
    I will never give up on you
    Or let you fall to the ground
    And God will never leave you behind
    Not Ever, Just Have Faith
    For you heard my song
    If My Life Was a Song Today
    Would it be heard

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    TREVON commented on If My Life Was A Song


    Yes God hears you, and has a purpose for ones such as you with a kind heart and soul to reach out to others. Keep the faith and continue to share with us your words.

    poetry2069 commented on If My Life Was A Song


    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your poem very much. You did a great job on it and it was very thought provoking.

    dragonheart1 commented on If My Life Was A Song


    Our lifcould lbe a song.But its also a script we pen by our own hands and withour experiences in life..good or bad.

    candysears commented on If My Life Was A Song


    Beautiful song..God Bless & Much Love My Friend In Poetry!!

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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