Ill Pill


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An older piece written to help me talk to my doc about my mental illness.

Ill Pill

This is an ill pill!
Doctor do you think your brilliant?
This object I've been given is it to produce a better everyday living?
I've done it, done downed it, this ill pill is in me, now function!
Sound it out to the town that your going to be more then you've ever been.
Be well rounded, go if you feel the need to paint the town red,
or go clime a mountain.
I want to be overflowing my attributes like a fountain, Doc.
Do you think things are going to be all right?
"Only if you keep taking you pills every night."
What I mean is doing things as in nouns and verbs; like on the job, at an event, going to occasions, having an incident, completing some tasks, and stunting on things.

I know your not a mind reader, I can't read mine either.
Have to jot it all down, before my ideas get plucked out of the thin air.
It's so hard to find my thoughts after all that happens in the day.
My mind escapes me and my thoughts are stolen.
I've done it, now function!
I just took my medicine, now react to living.
What's with the side tracks and other delays, Doctor?
There are noises, voices, invasions, and some delay in my mind.
When I care and when I'm in a safe place, then I seem to think I can make it.
I'm half way to reality, though still have a foot in my grave.
What happens to my brain, Doc?

After feeding it this ill pill for day's, I still think about what my tombstones to say.
Like this guy couldn't cope, maintain, behave, be sane in the brain.
This is a life worth living isn't, and ain't that how a song goes?
So "How much good is inside a day? Depends how good you live em?".
We are all living poem's  making our way fattening our noggin's.
Now why am I weighing down my jargon?
Mr. Doctor help me to believe that I can be free from this serious decease, that has a hold on me.
Where am I to go, what am I to do with this uneasy, untrue reasoning, that has me playing the fool.
I know I am free and can be free.
Please take your ill pill away and help me to better complete my day's.
Will you help me that way, Doc?
I'm not playing no games, I need to deal.
my rhymes aren't making me insane, they calm my brain.
It's my train of thought that's rumbling isn't?
So you might as well rumble young man rumble.
What's up Doc, did I get beat like the king?
Are there thrones in my mind, and I keep coming back to the ring to find my crown?

If I'm bad to myself I wouldn't be any more then before.
I'd still be the same old shameful one to blame.
Sure pick out all the faults, fouls, flops, and folly's.
Flipping A what a way to finish off my day!!!

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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