Illusion of Alone


  • Meldarth

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I wanted to play with imagery; like paint. Its rough but....its just a beginning.....

Illusion of Alone

Where is my strength,
Everyone comments on,
Legendary in the comments,

I hold my head high,
No one sees crumbling,
Silence screams unanswered,

All ask the question,
How are you?
Never wanting the true answers,

The usual answer is the same,
I'm fine,
Jokingly I counter,

When others use that,
Looks we're not talking about,
Concern only seems to be on my end for others,

So laying another brick in the wall,
Feelings surround me,

I can't seem to shut them out,
Only way out is to shut down,
Friends say to loose these walls,

They have no idea,
Simply; they are not there to keep others out,
Alone; I did not choose this,

I am not ruled by fear,
My gift,
Or curse,

Truely feel what others feel,
People have no idea,
Emotions can been as colors,

Hitting like waves,
Weight of them,
Crushing until you can't breath,

Tears of others,
Flow freely through me,
Awashing my own eyes,

Complete strangers,
Living in fear of their emotions,
Shed them like last years clothes,

Never knowing,
To those around that feel all,
Just how much weight we carry,

We never chose this,
Our burdens seem to choose us,
Chains would wrap tightly around weaker folks.

I will not fold this time,
My walls will hold firm,
No matter the assaults,

This time the tears that fall,
Shall only be mine,
Faith's punching bag no more,

Over the years,
I've carried so many,
With their tears wiped,

Who has wiped my tears,
Carried my pain when I could not,
Just once someone to be there for me,

So I sit,
In my impentrible cereal box fortress of doom,
Taken my ball and gone home,

Never staying long enough to see,
All those live I've touched,
How many times while carrying them,

They also were carrying me,
Illusion of Alone,
All it is,

Future is before me,
Cracks fully formed,
I let them come,

Walls to keep me in,
Chains of my own making,
Away they fall,

I may walk alone,
But alone,
I truly shall never be.

Clinton Trapp '13

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Loopyerloulou commented on Illusion of Alone


Loving the impenetrable cereal box of doom! *throws a bucket of water on it* er dude... Cardboard... Not so impenetrable? ;-) maybe that's the point...

Jasey commented on Illusion of Alone


Well written and very deep. Well done.. I'll look forward to future entries :)

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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