im looking forwaid not behind


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    im looking forwaid not behind

    Not looking back at the pass its a new day now it's all new the sun is up and the rain has stop in my life now i can be happy my soul says yes its time!!!!
    the lord is in my soul now i say yes i feel so much better
    then be for i made up my life now and no looking back to  the pass has i walk alone out slide i see the sun showin me a better way  to go to has a walk and look around me i see the sky and birds flying in the air passin me i see a bule jay so nice its looks in the colore it has i also see a red one and then tow little borwns birds on a tree lookin at me they look so cute and happy and i feel like them in a way and i feel the wind on my skin its feels so good and cool has i feel it i spin my slife around and around i feel like a little girl once more like when i was a kid at the park it all comes back to me i feel graet i feel free like a bird then i stop and i fall down and take a set  and look at the sky its look like its goin to rain little so i start to run my way home and then the rain comes down on me put in a good way i feel the rain drops falling down on my skin and i spin my slife and say what the hey and its like when i was a kid in the farm havein fun with the water then its stop the sun is out now and im still happpy im maybe wait but i m drying off off now and i say the pass is gone im free free to live my life no.i can see u sun comein up on the crowds .

    im sure we all had times like that but now no looking back.

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    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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