I'm Sorry If I Wasted Your Time


I'm Sorry If I Wasted Your Time

“I’m Sorry If I Wasted Your Time”

I’m sorry if I wasted your time,
and I made you miss your break,
but did you not know in making a friend,
a chance we all must take.
Now everyone cannot be a friend,
it’s only the selected few,
for some are not your friend at all,
just look at the things they do.

Behind your back they’ll speak of you,
they are thieves who’ll rob you blind,
stealing your love, your care, your trust,
they‘ll steal the thoughts in your mind.
But in this friend in whom you’ve found,
you’ll find one who’s sincere,
and though he’s never seen your face,
you’ll find he loves you dear.

This person you met they serve Our Lord,
this person is filled with care,
and though this may not sound like much,
in their prayers you’re always there.
When you need someone to hear you out,
when you need to speak your mind,
this person seeking for wisdom too,
has an ear that few will find.

This person is here to encourage you,
to pursue the goals you’ve set,
to uplift your heart and soul to God,
to show you strength you’ll get.
This person will call you now and then,
to see if  you’re doing okay,
this person will send a get-well card,
with prayers to heal your day.

This person will tell you a joke or two,
to see smiles on your face,
this person can say that you are loved,
even without sharing your space.
Now I’m sorry if I wasted your time,
I ‘m sorry you missed your break,
hopefully this poem will make it up,
since our friendship is at stake.

“Again I’m Sorry For Any Inconvenience I Have Caused - Your Friend , ” (Psalms 106:43)

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aggieprof commented on I'm Sorry If I Wasted Your Time


Very well done. The rhythm and rhyming schemes are excellent. One suggestion. In line 5 of the second verse, "to whom, you've found" doesn't sound smooth. It distracted me. I like your work very much.



I thank you for your comment - I didn't look back but it probably should read in whom you've found giving reference to myself as the newfound friend, I hope you will stop by again and enjoy your stay... Your brother, KDS



When I looked back - it reads "in whom you've found" - which I thought worked just fine...but I still appreciate your concerns... Your brother, KDS

Clementinewoods commented on I'm Sorry If I Wasted Your Time


This poem is great!!! I really enjoyed reading it. This is another job well done!!! Thanks for sharing. God bless!!!



Thank you clementine for the comment - I didn't mean to waste anyone time in life I was only trying to be a friend to my sisters and brothers... Much Love, KD

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